Alexia Crocombe-Crane

Alexia Crocombe-Crane

Alexia Crane is currently a third year student at the University of Denver, double majoring in political science and journalism. After spending the last five months studying in Cape Town, South Africa she has developed interests in politics and news media, she aims to become an international reporter who focuses on human rights issues and later a career in international law.

Student safety at the University of Denver

“We have a 24 hour dispatch center located in this building and that’s always manned and we always have officers on the street that can respond to calls,” said Stephen Banet, a campus safety sergeant at the University of Denver

Du has taken many security precautions to prevent students from becoming victims of any sort of crimes on or around campus.  In the student dorms there are card-access only security doors and/or swipe pads inside elevators. Every students email address is registered in the University’s emergency notification system to alert them quickly of any crimes around campus. Continue reading

The University of Denver: Parking and Transportation

Buddy Knox, director of parking services at The University of Denver, says the goal is for everyone, whether they are family, staff, students or guests, to have a chance for a place to park when they come to DU.

The University has over 5,000 parking spaces registered in their inventory, which is far more than the minimum required spaces for institutions in Colorado. Although DU sells 10,000 parking permits, twice as many permits as there are spaces, the parking lots around campus remain 80 percent full. “There may not always be a place in front of the building you want to go into, but there is always a place to park,” says Knox.  Continue reading

KVDU Broadcaster profile: Madison Watson

I chose to profile a broadcaster at KVDU college radio station. Madison Watson, a junior at DU, is very involved in the music scene in Denver as well as here on campus. The photos in my slide show were taken in the KVDU station and concert venues around the city. I was extremely lucky with the timing of the presentation because it was a big weekend for music entertainment. Madison invited me to one of the shows that the radio station had been promoting so I was able to photograph her in a place where she feels the most at home-surrounded by groovy tunes. I felt that her perspective and knowledge regarding music is extremely relevant in the life of any Denverite. Denver is exploding onto the national music scene as a young and influential city in the dub-step genre. It’s important to get the word out about the music-centered opportunities around DU. Additionally, KVDU is relatively unknown on this campus. I’ve been listening for the last year because my friends have a show on weekend, but it offers students who are interested in media a great chance to develop broadcasting skills. I feel like student based programs could be better represented-so I wanted to highlight Madison’s interests. Continue reading

The University of Denver makes recycling easy

The University of Denver offers many recycling centers around campus that allow for easy student access. I wanted my photos to reflect the efforts that the University is currently making. Those include: water bottle refill stations, the biking program, dinning halls, community gardens, and recycling centers. My issue story focused on the universities attempt to develop better sustainability practices around campus. It became clear through writing the first assignment that most students only recycle because the opportunity is readily available.

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University of Denver students more likely to recycle on campus


Water bottle refill stations are located all over DU campus. This station in J-Mac has eliminated waste from 47907 disposable plastic bottles.

The University of Denver has taken progressive action towards developing a sustainable campus, however, many students continue to exhibit flippant attitudes regarding “green”living.

“I recycle everything that has a label. I love that DU provides easy opportunities for recycling but, I feel like a lot of students don’t care about sustainability at all,” said Paige Mills, a third year R.A in Johnson-McFarlane Hall.

Since 2009 DU has formed an active sustainability council, increased recycling efforts, introduced a sustainability minor, started water bottle refill stations, and offered organic meal options. Yet, many students remain unaware of the potential harms associated with high-consumption lifestyles.

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