Andrew Janson

Andrew Janson

Design hobbyist, musician, and writer. Majoring in Media Studies at the University of Denver.

Beans Cafe: DU’s hidden gem

The photos in this slideshow serve to primarily add a visual element to an otherwise mostly audio story.  The photos I chose to make up the slideshow are, in most instances, photos that support what is being said in the interviews I recorded.  Continue reading

Commuter students: more than just a drive

This slideshow is about the challenge that commuter students may face in traveling to and from campus, especially with regards to joining in on extracurricular activities or clubs.  As I found in my issue story, at least some commuter students have trouble juggling their school and work responsibilities, with finding time to make the drive to and from campus.  Continue reading

Does commuting keep DU students apart?

For most college students, going to college means living on their own in the dorms, an experience that many consider an integral part of college life.  But for some students, living off campus might be the better option.  Although there is nothing disallowing commuter students from joining the campus social scene, is commuting keeping them from enjoying it?

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