Alex Payne

Alex Payne

I am a current student at the University of Denver. I am junior and have written with the school newspaper as a writer and an editor.

Inline hockey finds hardship season


I chose my photos based on how Gabe Morgione answered my questions of what the difference between this year and last year was and what do you have to do to get back to Nationals? He gave me some good answers, but to find the right matching photos was a little hard, so I played with the ones that I had to find the match that I thought would be best to the audio.

At the start of the slideshow however I did a voice over. I did this because Morgione did not talk too long which is partly my problem, and I did it because I felt that it would be good to have two voices in the slideshow instead of one. So I did the voiceover and then tried to get pictures that match it such as the one of the hockey sticks and the bag next to the sticks. I felt that they matched the audio pretty well.

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Health insurance in a new light

Senior Gabe Morgione uses his parents' health insurance, because he says it is cheaper.

Every year each student has to go into their Webcentral account and either accept or deny the health insurance that the University of Denver provides.

Students are able to take advantage of the close proximity of the Health and Counseling Center as it is located in the Ritchie Center, but the health insurance that the school offers is often overpriced compared to insurance that students’ parents have already provided for them.

“I still have my parents’ health insurance and it’s a lot cheaper,” said senior Gabe Morgione. “I know that you have to wave the health fee (at the beginning of the year), but I am not exactly sure. I have never been (to the Health and Counseling Center).”

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A day in the life of fitness

For this slideshow I wanted to bring across the story of what people do to keep in shape. I felt like trying to cover the exact topic that I did for issue story number one would have been too hard to expand a whole slideshow on it. So instead I decided to expand the topic out into the topic of fitness.

So with this slideshow I tried to show the different things that people do for fitness, such as I started with people doing abs after they had just did an arm workout. I thought the ab workout would look better in photo form more so than did the arms. Then I went to show an arm workout which I thought would be good to see some weights in the slideshow. After that I wanted to show what other people did outside of a gym, and I felt I captured that pretty well. Then I ended it with different supplements for working out, pre and post workout.

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A resolution that is here to stay

The entrance to the Coors Fitness Center.

The Resolution that just comes back

New Year’s Resolutions come and they go, but one that seems to come and go also comes back every year.

That resolution is to get in shape.

Somebody that we know has been in this position before. The start of the year comes around and they decide that it is time to get into shape, so they go out and get a gym membership or use the one that has been buried under papers on their desks.

For the people that go all the time, they seem to find a hard time getting their workouts in that they have been doing for years.

“I started coming to the gym like fall quarter last year,” said Chayce Duncan, a junior at the University of Denver, “and there were like only ten people here at a given time. Then at the start of this year, like last year, everyone seems to be here.

“There are sometimes when I come here and I do not even think that I will be able to get my workout in, and it is frustrating.”

The gym at the Coors Fitness Center experiences this every year during January. Just walking into the Center in November, before winter break for students starts, and walking in during January an observer can see the change in attendance.

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