Brendan Cronin

Brendan Cronin

Brendan Cronin was born in New York City but was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. A Journalism major and Marketing minor, he has always enjoyed writing, music, film, and sports like tennis, snowboarding and wakeboarding. Besides several jobs of teaching tennis and working in restaurants, Brendan has had experience with internships at NUVO, a local alternative newspaper in Indianapolis, which is essentially the Westword of Indianapolis. He currently holds a marketing and promotions internship at Triad Dragons / Global Dance Music, who are responsible for bringing many of the electronic concerts and festivals to Colorado. He will start writing reviews and news stories for the Global website, and hopes to pursue a career doing something in the music industry.

A day on the University Ski Bus

My topic for the Final Cut Pro slideshow was on the University Ski Bus, which takes DU students to different mountains every weekend. I took photos of George Cooper, founder of the University Ski Bus, students on the bus, different shots on the mountain, preparation for the departure, and more. I wanted George to tell people more about the company through his interviews, and what customers can expect. I also wanted him to talk about the differences between last year and this year. Continue reading

The new library is almost here

For my powerpoint slideshow, I continued with the same topic as my Issue Story Number 1, which was about the construction of the new Penrose Library winding down. I wanted to show people how much progress has taken place over the past year and a half, even though many students were expecting the project to be finished sooner. I included not only pictures of the almost finished library, but also pictures of the construction workers and equipment. I included alternate study spaces that many students have been utilizing. I tried to include as many pictures with people as possible to make it more interesting. Continue reading

The wait is almost over for a new library

The library under construction last spring

The library under construction last spring

Students at the University of Denver have been struggling for over a year to find a quiet place to study on campus, since their beloved library has been closed for remodeling.

At one point there were rumors that the library would be completed by the October 3 Presidential Debate, but that date has since been pushed back to anywhere between January and March, hopefully.

While a temporary library has been set up in the Driscoll North Ballroom, many students find it difficult to concentrate with so many students in a small space. “I usually either go to the Daniels College of Business or the Morgridge School of Education building, try to find quiet space and use noise cancelling headphones,” says Junior George Cooper of Mountain View, CA. “I find the temporary library just too small and distracting. I feel claustrophobic and end up people watching more than working.”

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The Life of an RA

Final Cut Pro Reflection

            The topic I chose for my Final Cut Pro slideshow was the life of an RA at the University of Denver. I wanted to tell a story of all the duties an RA has and how it can be difficult at times to do their job and still balance all the other duties they have in their life outside of being an RA. I started out with a picture of my RA Nermina in front of her door, followed by a picture of all the RA’s in JMAC to show the diversity they have. I took a picture of Nermina with a student to demonstrate how they are there for the students on their floor to talk about anything. Then I showed a picture of another RA on my floor, Jackie, helping to provide lockout keys and manage mailboxes. RA’s must watch the front door of the dorms, so I had a picture of Jackie doing that too. RA’s do rounds at night, so I had a picture of Jackie and another RA walking the halls and then knocking on a door. RA’s put up bulletin boards monthly, so I had a picture of Nermina putting one up. Continue reading

The struggles of medicating at DU

Citi-Med is a popular dispensary for medical marijuana students near DU

There is no doubt that many who hold a medical marijuana card in Colorado do not legitimately need the card. Yet for those who truly need the medicine, it can be hard to be accepted by society and many schools, especially if you go to the University of Denver.

The DU Honor Code states that “Possession, use, manufacture, or distribution of any illegal drug, or any possession or use of any prescription drug or other controlled substance except under the direction of a licensed physician is prohibited. Marijuana, including Medical Marijuana, is prohibited on campus.”

There are many students at DU with medical marijuana cards, and while upperclassmen who live off campus are in the clear for the most part, underclassmen who are still living in the dorms risk getting suspended or expelled for using or possessing their medication. Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Dining at DU

The Pros and Cons of Dining at DU


Slideshow Written Reflection

            The slideshow topic I chose is a continuation of the on-campus dining options available to students at the University of Denver. I took pictures of both dining halls on campus (Halls and Nelson), of the dining options in Nagel Hall and the law school, the to-go options in the business school and the pub, the comment cards, and some of the flaws and common complaints students have of the on-campus dining. Some of these complaints were the lettuce, the poor vegan and vegetarian options, and the sushi on campus. I ended with a picture of the unfinished Penrose Library, which will provide more on campus-dining options in the future.

I wanted to tell a story sort of chronologically, starting with the places most frequented by students, then showing the most popular places for students (according to the students I interviewed for my issue story 1), and then some of the problems with Sodexo dining. I feel like it had a nice flow to it, as I started with more popular places, but then went on to places that are higher ranked by students. After showing some problems with on campus dining, I wanted to end on a positive note. The final picture of Penrose Library gives students hope that there will be better dining options in the future. While there may be problems today, hopefully changes will be made to cater to all students’ tastes in the future.  Continue reading

DU Students Call for Changes to On Campus Dining

Most students who choose to attend the University of Denver have nothing but positive things to say about the school, but one of the few complaints they usually have is about the food they serve on campus.

While most students agree that food should not be a major factor on whether or not one should attend a school, many others think that the fact that the school costs so much money should lead to more variety and longer hours of service.

Sodexo, the school’s provider, is always trying to find new ways to entice the students’ taste buds, and while they are sometimes able to succeed and impress students, they never seem to get it right all the time. “We do surveys, we have comment programs and we interact with our customers, so we get a feel about what students think, what they want, where they want it, and at a value,” says Ira Simon, Resident District Manager of Denver Dining Services. “It is very important that we evaluate our program and meet those expectations.”

However it is not always just the food that is the problem, most students find it an even larger problem that they cannot get food at any hour of the day.

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