Brian Lupo

Brian Lupo

Brian Lupo is a sophomore at the University of Denver majoring in Journalism and English, with minors in the areas of Political Science and Communications. He was born and raised in Anaheim, California and lived there until his journey brought him to DU. Brian hopes to continue on to graduate school and hopes to have a successful career in sports journalism, sports writing, and creative writing. Other interests include participating in sports such as basketball, football, and swimming. He also likes reading books, listening to music, and watching television.

Sports help students relieve stress at DU

For my Final Cut slideshow I decided to show how students at DU use sports and physical activity to relieve stress. I composed my slideshow with a variety of shots from stressed students, to the Ritchie center where they work out, to photos of the students actually taking part in the sports. I was trying to tell a story of how students relieve stress through sports offered on campus at DU. Continue reading

Chipotle vs. Illegal Pete’s: Battle between local and big business burritos

Chipotle and Illegal Pete's are two of the most popular burrito restaurants on campus, and with just a tenth of a mile separating the two it is a tough decision for students to make.

When students at the University of Denver are craving a burrito they have a tough choice to make between two of the top burrito joints in Denver, Illegal Pete’s or Chipotle. When I surveyed 30 students, 24 said that overall they prefer eating at Chipotle, because of their delicious ingredients.

Student Jack Jagla said he prefers the taste of Chipotle, which he claims has been a long time favorite of his due to the natural ingredients and great taste. According to Chipotle, the company strives to use organic and local products free from synthetic hormones. Although 80 percent of students surveyed said they like Chipotle better than Illegal Pete’s that still left 20% of students who preferred Illegal Pete’s, and choosing Chipotle wasn’t as easy of a decision as the survey may seem to infer.

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The impact of empty shelves at the University of Denver Bookstore



Written Reflection

My slideshow aims to walk the audience through the impact of University of Denver’s bookstore not having enough textbooks for student’s classes. First they are introduced the bookstore itself, and then when they enter inside they see the empty shelves. Students search for their textbooks but found order forms instead. I wanted to show the audience that some students were still able to buy their books and their readings and course work was not impacted.

After the brief intro which shows the missing books, I try to demonstrate the impact it had on the students that weren’t fortunate enough to get all their course books. Pictures of students with back order forms show that book still need to be ordered. Then a picture of a student reading with a caption below shows the catch up work that must be done due to the missing books. Next I aim to show how students have turned to Amazon to start getting their books, because books are cheaper, shipping is faster, and books are always in stock. Finally to show the full effect I conclude the slide show with a picture of a failing reading quiz, a fate that students such as Jens Olsen came across due to the fact he was unable to do his readings.

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DU Bookstore, bankrupt of books?

The University of Denver Bookstore

Students at the University of Denver lined up at the bookstore at the beginning of spring quarter only to find their books were not in supply, impacting both students and teachers alike.

Rather than books, students like Sam Thomsen found backorder sheets and long wait times. “I actually wasn’t able to get all of my books this semester, they had all of them but two,” Said Thomsen.

Jens Olsen a senior here at DU had a similar experience “I was only able to get one when I went,” he said. “All the others one they sent back because they didn’t think they needed them, and the rest of them they just hadn’t ordered in.” Continue reading