Carson Baer

Carson Baer

Denver native and a sophomore at the University of Denver. I like to read and hang out with dogs. I love animals and food.

DU’s off season: What are students up to this summer?

As spring quarter at the University of Denver comes to an end, students around campus are beginning their transition into summer break. For some DU students this means packing up their bags and heading back to their home state, while others are choosing to spend the summer somewhere new or stay here on campus. Continue reading

Pioneers on ice: A look at DU’s intramural hockey league

I chose to write about the intramural hockey league at DU. I wanted to profile the teams and players involved in intramural hockey as well as capture the atmosphere of intramural sports at DU. I decided to interview sophomore Griffin Powell to get an inside look at the dynamics of the intramural hockey league and intramural sports in general. The photographs I included in my presentation are a mix of the players, ice rinks, and fans that make the league what it is. I wanted to capture the experience from both the fan’s perspective as well as the players’ and I aimed to do this through my photos and audio.    Continue reading

Spring has sprung at the University of Denver

Student safety at DU


 Campus safety has always been an important issue to many students at the University of Denver. Whether its walking home after a night out or keeping their personal belongings safe, students want to feel comfortable in their college environment. The story I have covered aims to give some insight into student’s opinions about their safety on campus and how they feel about the resources the university provides them. As I researched the issue I found myself wanting to capture the story from the students’ perspective since this is an article on a blog about daily college life, so I think the photos included are fitting for the angle I took.

Continue reading

Is DU keeping students safe?


DU sidewalk at night.

DENVER- Springtime at the University Denver to many students means tailgates, formals, and day-drinking with friends. As the winter weather fades away and the days grow longer, Denver’s campus comes alive with activity. However, the good weather doesn’t always go hand in hand with good behavior.

“There is something about the excitement of spring quarter on our campus that makes people act a little crazier and care about their own safety less,” said DU sophomore Madelyn Tenenbaum.

Since March 1st 2017 there have been fifty-three reported incidents of crime on DU’s campus. Of these fifty-three incidents ten were assaults, nine were thefts, and two were sexual assaults. According to DU’s Annual Security and Fire Safety Report from 2015, there were eighty-five criminal offenses that occurred on DU’s academic and residential campuses. Continue reading