Chase Fisher

Chase Fisher

Student at University of Denver Diver, cannabis advocate Follow me on twitter: @Peopleonfires

Surviving the DU commute

By Chase Fisher, Xuan Li, and Caroline Field

Visiting the International Church of Cannabis


  • These are photos in and around the International Church of Cannabis. They were gathered in one sitting where I also grabbed the interview. They’re not displayed in chronological order but rather in a form that matches with the audio and gives the listener a good tour of the facilities.
  • The audio in the production is just interview audio from the co-founder of the church. I actually went in for another class and didn’t have enough time to carry the whole interview, which left me with about 5-7 minutes of B-Roll that I really wanted to get a chance to use, and finally did.
  • The field production and editing class is really what set me up for success with Premire. I didn’t have any problems with the software, doing that work was actually easier than the interview.

Where do students gather?

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Can international education survive “America First?”

International students have long viewed the United States as a place where they can get a meaningful graduate or undergraduate degree. According to Nora S. Khachetourians, the director of the Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute, the attraction of the United States to these students can be for the legitimacy and prestige of a degree from an American school, the flexibility of courses, both in variety and schedule, the experience of visiting the US and American College Life, availability of advanced technologies, and the marketability of having language skills in a competitive field.

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