Caitlin Hendee

Caitlin Hendee

I am a senior at the University of Denver and am working to obtain my B.A. in Economics and B.A. in Journalism. I have a 2-year-old daughter named Amaya. I am an avid runner and motorcycle (sport bike) enthusiast. I love journalism and writing in general, especially news writing and crime beats.

The Women’s College gives working mothers flexibility in education

When 34-year-old Rachel Contizano plans her day, she recognizes the importance of balancing her life as a single mother with her life as a full-time student at the University of Denver’s Women’s College.

The Women’s College at the University of Denver provides working mothers with an environment to learn, grow and balance motherhood while getting an education.

“Taking care of a four-year-old and going to school full-time is actually not the easiest thing to do,” said Contizano.

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Technology opens blind students’ eyes to academics at University of Denver

Blind people are finding they can use computers, smart phones and other technology as tools to accommodate their disability and participate in the learning environment.

Universities across the U.S. are working to support those with disabilities by equipping programs with new technologies and disability specialists.

At the University of Denver (DU), students with limited to no sight are using this technology to improve their ability to learn and integrate into classroom environments. DU’s Disability Services Program provides counselors and specialists who help guide blind students through classrooms with the use of technology.

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University of Denver students engage in environmental sustainability

My audio slideshow attempted to capture some of the best things University of Denver students, in congruence with the Sustainability Council, are doing to help promote environmental sustainability around campus. I chose to interview three people, Tay Dunklee, the co-chair of the Transportation Committee, Megan Kelly, the chair of Mindful Consumption Committee and Ira Simon, the director of DU’s food service company Sodexo. These people provided professional and interesting accounts of ways in which DU has worked to improve sustainability around campus.

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DU students utilize Career Center, networking to prepare for job market

This slideshow is meant to tell the story of how well University of Denver graduating seniors do when it comes to finding a job after they finish their respective undergraduate programs. The slideshow is meant to correspond closely with how students utilize what resources are available to them to find employment when they graduate. These resources include DU’s Career Center, job databases and job postings on pin-up boards.

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University of Denver students focus on networking to gain employment

Graduating seniors can come to the University of Denver’s Career Center for career counseling, assistance with résumé building and interviewing practice.

When it comes to entering the job market after graduation, University of Denver (DU) students have a leg up on the competition. Graduating seniors at DU understand the importance of networking and internships to assist them with finding a job post-graduation.

A recent cap-and-gown survey, which is conducted by DU’s Career Center annually each spring, revealed that 82 percent of graduating seniors who sought out employment had a job within six months of graduating.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, half of college graduates nationally are unemployed or underemployed.

“Students who start early on through internships, career fairs and volunteer work build connections so that when they’re positioned to graduate, they’ve already made good connections,” said Patricia O’Keefe, Career Center Assistant Director.

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