Chelsea Hernandez

Currently a sophomore studying Journalism and Criminology at the University of Denver. I am originally from Aurora, Colorado. My beats are pop culture, romantic relationships, and mental health.

DU’s longest running tradition


May Days at the University of Denver serves as an event that marks the end of the academic school year. This week-long event takes place during week nine every year to distress students before finals. This year, May Days brought five different events to DU’s campus. The end of the week was closed off with the annual MusicFest at the Ogden Theatre with artist D.R.A.M. as the headliner.

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“Four” highlights seniors’ hard work

Four is comprised of the artwork of four graduating seniors from the University of Denver who are completing their BFA’s in the Studio Art Program. Claire Anderson, Hannah Rose Cole, Leeandra Durfey, and Sabrina Yagman are all very unique artists who had the opportunity to present their artwork at the Vicky Myhren Gallery opening on May 18, 2017.

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Transportation at DU

The life of a Resident Assistant

The majority of the photos in the slideshow are taken in Centennial Halls which is a first year residence hall at the University of Denver. The audio slideshow is narrated by two resident assistants, Eloy Chavez who is a first-year RA and Meagan Dizon who is a 2nd year RA. They both talk about what it’s like having the RA job and what kind of challenges they face. They also talk about how rewarding the job is and what they have learned from it.

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College break-ups bring heartbreak

The slideshow aims to bring awareness to the seriousness of college break-ups. The interview participants made it clear that many people in their lives did not take their break-up seriously because most people think that break-ups do not have the capability to truly harm a person’s mental state.

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Taking college break-ups seriously


Abigail: it hasn’t gotten easier, I don’t think it ever will.  Photo credit: Chelsea Hernandez

“Experiencing heartbreak while under the pressures of college life can be overwhelming and detrimental to your mental health”, says Kalie Elizabeth Ray. She is sophomore at Pickens Technical College in Aurora, Colorado. She has had her fair share of heartbreak in the last few years and explains that break-ups in college are much more serious than most people think.

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