Chloe Barrett

Chloe Barrett

From Golden, Colorado, 'm in my second year at the University of Denver, majoring in Journalism Studies and minoring in Business Marketing.

Love Your Melon brings awareness to DU’s campus

The story I am aiming to convey through my audio slide show pertains to the recent establishment of a Love Your Melon chapter on DU’s campus, and of the organization as a whole—an apparel brand run by college students across the nation that endeavors to provide every child battling cancer in America a hat. I included photos of the product at the very epicenter of Love Your Melon, of the people that it benefits, of the people who are a part of it and of pertinent places. Despite the devastating reason for the very existence of this organization, I wanted my slideshow to strike a lighter tone, which I think I accomplished with the photos I included. Continue reading

Islamophobia: how DU got it right

Islamophobia is a prominent issue being faced on college campuses across the country. In the wake of unprecedented terrorist attacks, when the tenets of terrorism are being muddled with mainstream Islam by even our presidential candidates, DU has succeeded in educating its community and providing a more welcoming environment for all students.

In my photographs, I strive to convey the positive experience of Muslim students such as my interview subject, Samiha, at DU. I took the photographs of Samiha in front of recognizable campus landmarks to make them as unique to our campus as possible. Additionally, I included a photo of a poster in Sturm, the location of the vandalized poster, to give viewers a sense of how noticeable said message was to commuting students and professors. Finally, I took a plethora of photos of the Denver Islamic Society to shine light on the Muslim Community within the greater area of Denver. Continue reading

DU’s Inclusive Excellence promotes acceptance towards Muslim students in the wake of terrorism

This past November, more than 120 people were killed and hundreds more were injured in a series of attacks of unprecedented scale by the terrorist group, ISIS. The fear that followed this violence has resulted in unjust treatment toward Muslim people everywhere, with communities in Texas to Florida to Nebraska reporting threats and defacement of mosques, passengers refusing to get on flights with people who “look Muslim” and much worse.

DU's commitment to Inclusive Excellence creates a welcoming community Photo by Chloe Barrett

DU’s commitment to Inclusive Excellence creates a welcoming community
Photo by Chloe Barrett

Additionally, following the Paris Attacks, national attention has been drawn to Islamophobia on college campuses, a charge that DU is not entirely innocent of. Second-year business marketing student, Kylee Skall recalls seeing an abundance of hateful, Islamophobic slurs on the anonymous social networking app Yik Yak following the Paris Attacks in November.

“I remember there being a lot of really graphic, violent threats,” said Skall. “Stuff like ‘murder all Muslims’ and ‘ban Muslims from America.’”

Arguably, cruel and ignorant messages such as this are nothing new for anonymous forums like Yik Yak, but it would seem that this malice has begun to transcend the virtual realm into the everyday life of students at DU. Second-year political science and public policy student, Cheyenne Hunt, reports seeing a poster in Sturm hall in mid-January showing a woman wearing a hijab—the purpose of which is to encourage cultural sensitivity on DU’s campus—with the words “go back home” written on it.

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