Cory Lamz

Cory Lamz

I have a passion for writing, especially about pop music. I enjoy anything having to do with water - swimming, water-skiing, living. When I'm not tweeting, I'm working as the editor-in-chief of the DU Clarion student newspaper, writing about music for Westword or studying journalism, digital media or marketing. I love food and suits, and precisely in that order.

Student swimmers make a big splash in the pool and in the classroom

By Cory Lamz & Dian Sun

It is hard enough to be a college student, but when you add 18 hours of swimming practice every week, balancing everything can be even more stressful. The members of the DU swimming team, however, continue to be successful in swimming and college life, as they juggle their many responsibilities.

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Students flock to Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta $1 Slice Night near DU campus

With this audio slideshow I wanted to tell others about the joys of $1 Slice Night at Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta on Evans Avenue. Through my slideshow I follow one restaurant-goer’s experience at slice night, from a student perspective, as well as from one of the pizza maker’s perspective.

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College student spending habits: how money, food and parents may differ

DU students are spending money on living essentials, not items like electronics, which contrasts what other students are buying nationwide.

College students are spending more of their discretionary money on electronics than anything else, according to a 2009 study. However, DU students seem to be going against this trend, focusing their money more on food and tuition than anything else

According to WWD, a company that reports marketing trends, students were projected to spend $13 billion on electronics in 2009, which was more than double what they were to spend on clothes, $5.77 billion. Room and board expenses, which average about $600 and $180 per month, respectively, were so insignificant by comparison that they did not appear in reporting results.

Yet, University of Denver students seem to be spending more on food, rent and tuition than any other consideration. So exactly how much are DU students spending on these college necessities, and why aren’t they spending more on electronics?

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Zumba: Group fitness that’s not just for female students

Writing Reflection:

The topic of this photo story is the lack of men enrolled in Zumba classes at the University of Denver and its associated gender division. I used photos of women in the class, a photo of a male runner at Wash Park and two photos of Nick Pisciotta, one the men who attends the class – one extreme close-up and one of his face.

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Men are missing out on one of women’s best fitness secrets: Zumba

Zumba instructor Taryn Brandt leads a group of 32 female students at the University of Denver.

Denver is one of the healthiest cities in the United States, taking the 5th spot in Forbes’ America’s Top 20 Healthiest Cities survey.

The University of Denver, with its active student population, may be equally fit – due, in large part, to its state-of-the-art fitness facility, the Coors Fitness Center, which is fully equipped with machines to target every muscle group, a cardio deck with treadmills and elliptical machines and even a swimming pool that, if anything, is underused.

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