Carly Moore

Carly Moore

I'm Carly Ann Moore, a sophomore at the University of Denver. I am majoring in Journalism and minoring in Marketing. I like running, eating, laughing, hanging out with friends, and being involved in a number of organizations at DU.

Unknown clubs at DU will forever impact the greater Denver area

Produced & Written by: Brenda Rohn, Carly Ann Moore, and Samantha Selincourt

“A private university dedicated to the public good,” is the mission statement of the University of Denver (DU). This mission pertains to more than just DU itself as it is echoed by the goal of most of the student organizations on campus.

DU has 40 active intramural and club sports and more than 129 clubs based on academics, culture, religion, politics, service, and Greek life on campus.  Clearly not everyone can know everything about all these organizations; therefore, many successful organizations that make a huge difference on campus are sometimes over shadowed or even unknown.

When students are asked what kind of clubs are on DU’s campus, usually the answers are Alpine Club, DU Grilling Society (D.U.G.S.), the Clarion, intramural broomball, etc.  Although these clubs are composed of quite a few students, there are a number of organizations that make a significant impact on the DU and Denver Community, but may not be the first to come to mind.

Catholic Student Fellowship (CSF), DU Service and Chance (DUSC), and Queer Straight Alliance (QSA) are among those organizations that reflect the vision of the University of Denver.  All of these organizations make a difference to DU students themselves, and to the greater community around them.

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Women empower others during Tri-Delta’s Fat Talk Free Week

The photos I chose to take for this slide show are depictions of Fat Talk and Fat Talk Free Week.  I first of all took a lot of pictures of the two ladies that I interviewed because it was important to capture how they felt confident in their bodies and how they do things in their life to show self-confidence and pride.  Then I took photos of thing that symbolize eating, size or media pressure.  I also got pictures of some of the campaigns that Tri-Delta uses to promote their program.  A compilation of all these different types of photos certainly creates a sense of Tri-Delta is trying to accomplish with this campaign.  I am trying to exhibit what the campaign is, what it means, and how we can avoid using negative language towards ourselves and others. By following the example of the ladies shown, we can empower other women to feel confident and talk confidently.

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DU Greek Life Perceptions and Realities

Written Reflection

This slide show is about the perceptions and realities of Greek Life on DU’s campus and other campuses.  The information is based on interviews and surveys I conducted with Greeks and non-Greeks at DU.  My goal with the information and the pictures was to basically show all sides of the traditional Greek stereotype.  I included pictures of sorority and fraternity members gathered as a group.  I also showed Greeks and non-Greeks hanging out and studying together.  The slide show also shows some of the activities that stereotypical Greeks participate in and the differences between that and the DU Greek Community.

I chose to photograph the things I did because it showed Greeks doing the activities that they are known to do, on the DU campus.  It was also recruitment season so it was easy to get pictures of Greeks together.  Also I thought it was important to get a mixed group of students studying and working on a project to show that the DU Greek Life pillar of ‘scholarship’ matters to most members and they are willing to work with others in a constructive way.  It was also important though, to capture photos of some stereotypical activities that Greeks are known to participate in on DU’s campus and others.

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DU students struggle to break through the stereotypes of Greek life on campus

Greek life symbols at DU that make some proud.

Mixed feelings about fraternities and sororities have some questioning the gray area between perceptions and realities of Greek life on the University of Denver (DU) campus.

Only 23 percent of DU students are involved in Greek life.  However, according to a qualitative survey of nearly 50 University of Denver students participated in last week, about Greeks Life at DU, 58 percent of students felt that Greek life was a “big deal” on campus.

Greek Life at DU is said to form “perpetual bond of friendship among its members.” A surprising 77 percent of Greeks and non-Greeks a like recognized how Greek Life can create lifelong friendships.

Greek students at DU seem to think they do not fit the mold of the stereotypical Greek System.  The Greeks at DU call themselves a “Greek Community” and they feel that they embody their four pillars.  The pillars on which they build their community and which each house must support and reflect are Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service.

Some DU students feel that Greek members do not reflect those pillars.

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