Connor O'Halleran

Connor O'Halleran

My name is Connor O'Halleran and I am from Chicago. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Denver majoring in media studies and minoring in marketing. I would like to pursue a career in marketing or public relations in either the sports or music industry. My hobbies consist of playing golf, skiing, hiking, playing guitar, finding new music and going to concerts as much as I can.

The BFA senior exhibition

The University of Denver is giving students at the school of art and art history the chance to display their artwork at the Victoria H. Myhren Gallery from May 17th to June 8th.

The BFA senior Exhibition is currently taking place at the Victoria H. Myhren Gallery from May 17th to June 8th at DU.

The BFA senior exhibition is the culmination of six student artists work that they have been working on throughout the year and are finally getting the opportunity to put their work on display to the public.

Samantha Carantit, a senior art gallery director, gave a description of the process the students went through in creating their art that is currently being displayed.

“The BFA exhibit happens every year and it is exhibiting a handful of students that are presenting their final projects.”

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The Arvada Skatepark


For my final cut slideshow, I chose to focus on the Arvada skatepark in Arvada, Colorado.  The park was opened this spring and I noticed that more and more students from DU were making the 20-minute drive to Arvada.  I chose the two people in my interview because they are two students that go to Arvada on a weekly basis and are both longtime skateboarders.  One thing that was certainly challenging in terms of the photographic process was that I shot my photos before I recorded the audio.  It actually was not as big of an issue as I thought because I basically did the process in a reverse order by laying down the slideshow first with the variety of pictures I had, and then I formulated the questions I was going to ask the interviewees somewhat according to the pictures.

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Men’s lacrosse pioneer pregames boost school spirit at University of Denver

DU students have displayed an increase in school spirit throughout the 2012 men’s lacrosse season by attending the student-organized pioneer pregame tailgates before each home game.

Students showing their school spirit at Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium.

Over the 7 games played at Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium and the one game played at Sports Authority Field in Denver for the Whitman’s Sampler Mile High Classic, hosted by Inside Lacrosse, students have turned out to each game in large numbers not only due to last years final four run by the men’s team, but also the increased organization of the Pioneer Pregame tailgates.

Samuel White, the president pro tempore of the undergraduate student government, described the organization of the pioneer pregames and why they have become so successful.

“At the beginning it wasn’t so much work because we were doing it through Sodexho and through a lot of the administration,” White continued, “And now it has become more of a free for all with students bringing their own alcohol and serving it to people that are above 21.”

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The prevalence of fake IDs at DU

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For my powerpoint slideshow I chose to shoot a variety of photos that related to fake IDs and underage drinking.  I followed the guidelines of having the slideshow match up with issue story number one by planning before I shot what different components of my story I wanted to capture.  I scanned my issue story and picked out the crucial parts of the feature in order to figure out what I wanted to shoot for the slideshow.  Since my subject was slightly more difficult to shoot I knew I had to be proactive and go out into the community to take photos, which was a great experience.  I am pleased with all of my photos that I incorporated into the slideshow and even though I only have twelve, I felt that was appropriate for my project in particular because these were the highest quality shots that I took and I feel that they illustrate my issue story in an effective way.   The only aspect of my photo taking process that didn’t turn out the way I wanted was the shots that included people.  In my project it is evident that I only have two pictures of people and that is the one major flaw in my opinion.  It was certainly a struggle that I had with the photo taking process because it was difficult to both take a quality photo and conceal the identity of the subject.

The prevalence of fake ID’s at DU

Many DU students use fake ID's to purchase alcohol and gain entry into local bars

College students under the age of 21-years-old are continuing to use fake identification in order to purchase alcohol and gain entry into bars despite the harsh consequences that are subsequent if caught with one.

The potential charges in the state of Colorado for possession of a fake identification can result in a felony, amount to fines up to $1000, and one year in jail if convicted.

Kristen Olson, director of the student conduct department at the University of Denver, said that the punishments through the University vary from case to case.

“The outcome that usually results from a student that is caught with a fake identification is two quarters probation,” said Olson, “But if a student is caught in the act of using the fake ID that can sometimes result in up to a year of probation or possible suspension.  If a student is caught two times with a fake identification through the school, criminal charges will be pressed on the student by the university.”


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