Cordelia Tafoya

Cordelia Tafoya

The Mass Communications building: beauty on the inside

At the University of Denver, Media, Film, and Journalism Studies (MFJS) majors take a majority of their classes in the Mass Communications building. Like the professors and department-heads who teach courses and have offices there, though, most of them strongly dislike its basically-off-campus location.

And though they love its contents, most of them also dislike the building itself. Continue reading

Sophomore living options: Nelson vs. Nagel

At the University of Denver, there are a total of five residence halls: Centennial Towers, Centennial Halls, Johnson-McFarlane Hall, Nagel Hall, and Nelson Hall. Nagel Hall and Nelson Hall differ hugely from the other three dormitories, though, as they are only available to second-year students, provide suite-style living to each of their residents, and possess top-floor apartments with full-sized kitchens, single bedrooms, and furnished living rooms.

Nagel Hall and Nelson Hall, too, are the only centrally-located dorms on campus. Continue reading

Claire Hammen – DU student-athlete

In my audio slideshow, I have included photos of University of Denver gymnast, Claire Hammen as she competed in a meet against Utah State. However, though the photos only show her competing in one meet, they are very telling of her life as dedicated student-athlete, as they illustrate the athleticism and focus required by the sport of gymnastics, as well as they do the love, happiness, and satisfaction that comes with it. I chose the photos that I did and put them in the order I did for this reason and know that emotion and talent, ultimately, were what I aimed to capture. Continue reading

Parking lot construction poses problems to permit holders

Due to construction, Lot C and Lot 103 parking-permit holders at the University of Denver have been unable to access their pre-purchased lots since the beginning of November. They have been granted temporary access to Lot W and Lot L, but are not happy with the compensation at all, as Lots W and L are located much further from their dormitories than are Lots C and 103. They are also unhappy with the parking tickets they have been receiving in their attempts to park close to their residence halls to stay safe. Continue reading

Parking problems piss off permit holders


When swiping a permit for the general lot in the general lot, the card reader reads, “invalid permit.”

On Thursday, Oct. 29, Lot C and Lot 103 permit holders received an email from a parking services representative at the University of Denver explaining a set of construction plans that would prevent them from parking in their lots from Nov. 1 to mid-January.

Though they were granted temporary access to Lot W and Lot L, the affected permit holders are not happy with the compensation, as Lot W and Lot L are located much further from their dormitories than are the lots that they originally paid to park in.

“I feel like I need to be able to park in the lot that I paid for because it is not safe for me to walk home in the dark from the other side of campus where I am supposed to park now”, said Claire Hammen, a nineteen-year-old business major at DU. Continue reading