Cassie Redlingshafer

Cassie Redlingshafer

I'm a sophomore at the University of Denver majoring in Political Science and Strategic Communications with a minor in History. i'm originally from Kansas City and plan to study abroad in Maastricht, the Netherlands in the fall.

A look inside the Idiosingcrasies, a University of Denver acapela group

I chose to do my audio slideshow and the acapela group Idiosyncrasies because I thought it would be visually appealing as well as a good opportunity to get great audio. I attended a few of the groups’ practices to obtain the pictures and audio. Through my slideshow I wanted to introduce the Idiosyncrasies to people who do not know who they are or what they do. Therefore, I asked my interviewee basic questions and I took photos of the members simply singing and preparing for their next show. The photographs in the slideshow were chosen to illustrate the hard work, dedication, and passion involved in being in the Idiosyncrasies. I tried to get a variety of shots including the planning, fun, and of course singing that goes on during a typical practice. I placed the pictures in a particular order so that they would correlate to what Morgan, the girl I interviewed, was saying. For example, I put shots of the individuals Morgan mentioned as she mentioned them and I put shots of the group laughing and interacting with each other when Morgan discussed the great relationships among group members. In terms of audio, again, I tried to make it match up to the photographs. I also felt it necessary to play background music of the group singing because that is what they are known for. I started the slideshow with their warmup to give the viewer a feeling of being at the practice. Then I played most of a song throughout the rest of the slideshow, making sure to have breaks in the interview so the viewer could hear the song.

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DU prepares to welcome new sorority

This slideshow highlights the five PanHellenic sororities on the University of Denver’s campus. Truly describing the sororities would take much more than a simple slideshow, therefore I aimed at educating the viewers on the basics of the five houses. My issue story discussed the new sorority that will be joining campus. Since there were no events directly relating to the process of a new sorority joining campus, I chose to highlight the existing sororities.  The photographs still relate to the story because they depict the existing sorority environment. Unfortunately, the photo project did not inspire me to look at the issue differently.

I originally attempted to photograph Greek Week events but that proved unsuccessful. The events I was able to attend occurred in Davis Auditorium in Sturm Hall. The location was not conducive to my camera’s capabilities. The photographs turned out dark and unattractive.  Therefore, I decided to go to each house individually to take pictures of the members interacting. After this, I went to public places such as the library and dining halls to try to see sorority members wearing their letters around campus. Next time I might try to check out a nicer camera from the Journalism Department. In addition, I would try to capture a greater variety of photographs. The photos in my slideshow were chosen for many reasons. Firstly, I think the slideshow has a nice balance and even somewhat of a pattern. I also liked the angles and lighting in many of my photographs.

The University of Denver’s Greek community welcomes new sorority

The University of Denver’s sororities voted to welcome a new sorority to campus. There is a general consensus among the members of the Greek community that the addition of a sorority, planned to join campus in the fall of 2014, is beneficial.

new bids

Two members of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority prepare to welcome new members on “Bid day.”

“[The addition of a sorority] will just be good to expand our Greek life,” president of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority Marisa Maurer said. “We need more houses and this way the members of the Greek community can keep getting stronger on campus. I honestly don’t know if there are any cons. I guess that a new sorority will make rush more competitive but it is definitely for the best.”

According to Mauer, the application process for the sororities interested in joining DU’s campus is pretty intensive. Firstly, the five sororities currently on campus, Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Phi, Delta Gamma, Delta Delta Delta, and Delta Zeta, all voted on whether a new sorority should be allowed on campus.

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