Danielle Ivanovich

Media studies major at the University of Denver.

Delta Gamma Anchor Cup Tournament

This audio slideshow focuses on Delta Gamma’s annual Anchor Cup, a soccer bracket tournament that raises funds for their philanthropy, Service For Sight. This slideshow features Amelia Schwartz who created the event alongside one of Delta Gamma’s Vice President’s Anna Holcomb. Through Amelia’s interview in addition to Paxton’s, director of T-shirt creative for Delta Gamma, I sought to tell the story of what goes into the making of Anchor Cup, what it consists of, and who benefits from the event. I did this through the use of photos featuring Delta Gamma members, both Amelia and Anna, as well as Paxton featured in the shirt as well as participants in the soccer tournament, including volunteers that coached teams.

I chose to photograph these people to provide a full understanding of what the event entailed beyond what Amelia and Paxton said. I purposefully did not fully correlate images to what was said in the interviews because there was so much more to the event than what was said. The drawback of the interviews was the lack of comfort ability with handling interview questions, and I believe that had I given the questions to the interviewers ahead of the time I would have received more illicit responses. The process of integrating the audio and photos was not easy, after editing the audio on iMovie to remove my voice asking both interviewees the questions in addition to any awkward pauses, the photos would not effectively move into the slideshow without the audio self-deleting. I will try and use different outlets such as Final Cut for the upcoming projects in order to avoid the iMovie flaws I have discovered when creating this audio slideshow.

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Not hungry for long: DU’s food choices on and around campus

My slideshow continues with the topic of what options students have on and around campus for their meal choices. Both the story and slideshow did not highlight copious amounts of healthy choices without students taking the personal initiative to customize their meals. I wanted this slideshow to represent all types of food, not only fast food or healthy food in order to get a full background on the restaurant choices students attend on and around campus. This slideshow highlights both options on campus provided by the University and restaurants around campus to which students who obliged were documented attending.

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Students weigh in: how appetizing are the restaurants around campus

Fat Shack, a new restaurant located on University Blvd.  Photo by Danielle Ivanovich

Fat Shack, a new restaurant located on University Blvd.
Photo by Danielle Ivanovich

Despite students at the University of Denver choosing the University for various reasons, one hobby that never goes without notice are the various levels of fitness and wellbeing that hold place in Colorado.

With athletic opportunities such as Alpine club, the Ritchie Center, and the various nearby mountains, many students are avid about utilizing their surroundings, but the issue at hand is whether or not local students’ eating habits correlate well with their physical activity.

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