Daniel Lorenzo

Daniel Lorenzo

I'm a third year Journalism student at DU with minors in Music and English. I'm passionate about music, faith, and writing, and I live for where they intersect! I hope to one day work for NPR Music and during the rare millisecond of my free time I love reading, cats, coffee, hiking and biking.

A Faith Community for DU Students

An organization on campus is striving to provide a community for students to express faith in the midst of a largely non-religious school.


The DU Catholic Student Fellowship (CSF) is a campus organization that serves Catholic Christian students through various services and events. The organization functions as a club with a student-run board, as well as a ministry served by priests and graduate student volunteers.


“I think the mission of CSF,” said student president Zoe Klein, “is to enhance students’ faith and allow them to express it in the most comfortable way possible.”

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Beans: “Coffee for Students, by Students”

Student-run coffeeshop Beans is a unique feature of DU’s campus. Offering “coffee for students, by students,” it serves a niche market and has a promising future.


Beans was originally a small operation started as a class in the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management, with a new staff every quarter. Nine years ago, however, it was turned into its current state: a full-fledged business Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 8.49.58 PMentirely managed and staffed by DU students.


“The idea was to turn Beans into an ‘after-school job’ for students, for lack of a better term,” explained Mary Margaret Monacelli, a senior Hospitality major and one of Beans’ two managers. “So the school OK’ed it, gave us a budget to buy food and pay people, and it’s just grown from there.”


While Monacelli and her co-manager are still supervised by Knoebel school staff, they are enabled to make a majority of decisions regarding ordering, hiring, and day-to-day operations.


“Beans is a learning lab,” said Monacelli. “Not only do the students working get to learn how to be baristas, but the managers get to learn how to manage.”

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Parking Practice Video – Justin, Daniel, Jake

An Inside Look at the “Denver Voice”

My slideshow was on Denver’s street paper, the Denver Voice, so my photos consist of various shots of the paper, the people involved in it, and the Voice office. I took photos of articles and covers in the paper to provide context, as well as identifying photos of the several sources I interviewed – the staff of the paper, two homeless vendors, and a homeless contributor. I also got ambient shots of the office for b-roll, and shots of the vendors interacting with staff and each other to accompany audio clips that described the benefits of the vendor program. (I had hoped to get some action shots of the vendor who normally stands on University and Evans to provide diversity and show the process of vending, but unfortunately, he apparently stopped selling there for two weeks. I had to adjust and get more photos from the office.)

These photos tell the stories of not only the paper and the vendor program itself, but also the personal experiences of individual vendors and contributors. These personal experiences add another dimension to the story, and photos were able to capture this, through things like the joy in Kat and Justin’s faces and the natural interaction between a homeless vendor and an office staff member.

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Pros and Cons of Spring at DU

Exploring the potential of a Jazzman’s – Starbucks transition

This slideshow and my story were focused on the issue of a potential plan to replace Jazzman’s Cafe in Driscoll Bridge with a Starbucks, which has been in discussion for a long time and is currently awaiting a decision from the University. There are shots of various parts of Jazzman’s, the Starbucks on Asbury and Evans, and Beans coffeeshop that all depict an element of what changes the transition to a Starbucks would bring. 

With a mixed bag of shots of people and settings, I intended to depict the realities of Jazzman’s’ current place in the campus culture and why a Starbucks would be considered an upgrade. I tried to make these as clear as possible by including elements such as the student sleeping in the Driscoll Student Center and the empty interior of Jazzman’s in order to “let the photos do the talking”, if you will.

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Jazzman’s-Starbucks transition remains ambiguous


DU campus coffeeshop Jazzman's, set to potentially be replaced by Starbucks

DU campus coffeeshop Jazzman’s, set to potentially be replaced by Starbucks

A proposal to replace the coffeeshop and longtime DU staple Jazzman’s Cafe in Driscoll Bridge with a Starbucks became relatively common knowledge around campus this year, following an announcement published on the online DU Newsroom platform on Aug. 25.


Seemingly indicating a definite plan, the announcement from Sodexo resident district manager Ira Simon stated that the new full service Starbucks would be located downstairs from the former Jazzman’s in the Driscoll Student Center, and would open during Winter Quarter.


However, students began noticing that as Spring Quarter arrived, a new Starbucks didn’t, nor did any news about it. When reached for comment, Simon explained that this was due to a long series of events that has ended in a still uncertain future for the planned coffeeshop swap, which hinges on a decision set to be made by the University sometime this month.

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