Daniela Santos

Daniela Santos

Daniela is a Colorado native majoring in strategic communication and minoring in political science. A entertainment junkie at heart, in her free time you can usually see her watching movies or TV shows - especially comedies.

Parking and Commuting at DU

DU LSA wishes to be heard

The photos I took for the audio slideshow were hopefully able to add a new layer to the recordings. I imagine my slideshow as a composition of two parts: 1. the introduction with some general information and 2. the conflict and important issues.  For the first part I wanted to convey the qualities that make the Latino Student Alliance (LSA) and that describe their head, Carina Garfio.  In order to accomplish this, I attended an LSA meeting to get some pictures of the club discussing and collaborating with one another. To properly explain who Carina is, I took pictures of her sorority’s flag and her work location. As a whole, I hope my images where able to develop some helpful context for the issues that were discussed later on in the slideshow. Continue reading

Christof’s Pros and Cons of Spring

Where to get internship help at DU

My story topic for this slideshow and my previous issue story is on internships and some tips DU students could benefit from. Through this slideshow, my hope was to create visual representations of some of the resources students have that can facilitate their internship application process. With this story in mind, I chose to include the pictures—like the information center at the Career Services office and the MFJS sign—that gave a clear idea of what students can find on campus. Continue reading

Tips on how to get the internship

Director of the DU Career Center Mary Michael Hawkins

Director of the DU Career Center Mary Michael Hawkins. Photo by Daniela Santos

As summer approaches, various DU undergrads are in the process of applying for internships to gain experience for their potential careers. The DU Career Center surveyed 2016 graduates six months after graduating and found that 78% of students completed one or more internships or research experiences by the time they finished their undergraduate education.

The National Association of College and Employers (NACE) reiterates the need for work experience. On April 5, NACE shared their results from their Job Outlook 2017 survey and found that 91% of employers who responded, “prefer that their candidates have work experience,” and 65% of them prefer that the experience be relevant to the position they’re applying for.

Alanna Giraldi, a fourth-year hospitality major from Beaverton, Oregon, Associate Professor and Interim Director of Internships for the media, film and journalism studies (MFJS) department Derigan Silver, and Mary Michael Hawkins—the director of the DU Career Center, each have knowledge to share about the application process and what students should do to better their chances of being hired for an internship.

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