Dian Sun

Dian Sun

Hi! I am Dian and I am from Beijing, China. I am a third-year student of University of Denver. My majors are art studio and Journalism. I started to travel by myself since I was 13 years old. I went to most of the countries in Europe, big cities in the US and lots of cities in Asia. My dream is to become a documentary director and record beautiful life by my camera. My next destination will be Middle East or Africa, I want to explore this world and meet more interesting people. I love animals, nature,anything special! I am an artist, a photographer and a traveller and a little dancer!

Stepping out of the comfort zone

For my Final cut slideshow, I was working on a story about how a college student from CU-boulder step out of their comfort zone and try her best to make friends and keep up with her study and try to work to gain more experience from a new society at the same time. Continue reading

How to deal with Social network checking before hiring?

Be wise on using your own social network

Jenny Li's Facebook page. According to Jenny, she had almost hundreds of pictures on her page.

More and more people have been asked for their personal social network accounts or even the password during or after the hiring process. Employer will check on your social background before him or her make the final decision. Social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Continue reading

Need help in learning languages at DU? Try the Center for World Languages and Cultures!

Language learning program at DU

This slideshow represents my recent research about DU language program. In order to help students’ learning, DU provides lots of different programs on campus that can help students. The Center for World languages and Cultures is the most significant one.
 By interviewing the tutor and visiting the website, I learnt that CWLC is an independent and a growing department. CWLC provides independent language study for people who are interested in learning beyond the school’s requirement. The mission of CWLC is to help DU students preparing for the globalization by providing excellence in teaching and learning of the world’s languages an cultures. Continue reading

To learn a foreign language or not to learn?

More and more DU students are starting to become interested in learning languages. At the same time, University of Denver provides a variety of programs to suit DU students’ need. DU is doing so because it believes that studying different cultures through foreign languages are crucial in this globalization era, according to the website of DU language and literature department.

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