Elizabeth Pinkerton

Elizabeth Pinkerton

I'm a sophomore from Tulsa, Ok., majoring in Strategic Communications. In the future, I'm hoping to enter the field of public relations. I'll be studying abroad in London this fall.

DU’s Gamma Phi Beta sorority hosts annual philanthropy event, Spagammi

DU students enjoy their Spagammi pasta dinner.

DU students enjoy their Spagammi pasta dinner.

DU’s Theta chapter of Gamma Phi Beta hosted its annual philanthropy event, Spagammi, last Thursday. The event is an all you can eat spaghetti dinner, which raises funds for the sorority’s philanthropy, Girls on the Run.

“Spagammi is great because it brings people from all different groups within the DU community together to eat a lot of spaghetti, have a good time and raise money for a really good cause,” Gamma Phi Beta sophomore Molly Rogow said. Continue reading

DU’s Delta Gamma hosts Anchor Cup, the sorority’s philanthropy event

Mike Middleburg, a junior DU student, provides the music for Anchor Cup.

Mike Middleburg, a junior DU student, provides the music for Anchor Cup.

Delta Gamma hosted its annual seven versus seven soccer tournament at Observatory Park, on May 11. All of the proceeds benefited the sorority’s national philanthropy, Service for Sight.

“Anchor Cup is a great time, it’s our biggest philanthropy event of the year,” Steph Winsor, a former Delta Gamma president said. “All the proceeds go to a local school, called the Anchor Center, here in downtown Denver.”

The Anchor Center

“The Anchor Center in Denver serves as a way to help visually impaired children from birth until they are five years old,” Karlie Rosier, Delta Gamma’s president said. “The center helps them assimilate into the public schools, learn Braille, and adapt to the difficulties of being visually impaired. The Anchor Cup is a great way for us to give back.” Continue reading

David Moffett, DU vocal performance major, prepares for junior music recital

For the pictures in my audio slideshow, I tried my best to provide a variety of close-ups and wide-shots. I intended to mix up the angles, follow the rule of thirds, and create interesting lines. I took pictures of David rehearsing for his recital, pictures of the Lamont School of Music, and David in his apartment performing warm up rituals. I attempted to gather pictures from as many settings as possible, in order to avoid repetition and to keep the pictures interesting.

It was challenging to match the pictures with the audio, but for the most part, I believe that I accomplished this. I should take more pictures in the future so that I have a wider variety to choose from, and more flexibility during the editing process. As far as the story I wanted to tell, I tried to create a clear beginning, middle, and end. For the conclusion, I used pictures as foreshadowing, pointing to David’s future. Since there was no clear way to represent this visually, it was more metaphorical, showing the Lamont School of Music as a jumping off point. Continue reading

DU students invest time, energy and money in practicing and teaching yoga

For my slideshow, I decided to broaden the topic of my issue story a little bit, in order to focus on more than just the yoga teacher certification process. I wanted to take more time to develop and introduce the topic of yoga than I did in my issue story. So, I provided more information, quotes, and quantitative statistics about the actual practice of yoga. I thought this was necessary in order to match thought provoking captions with pictures. Therefore, I delved more into the topic of yoga by providing demographics and statistics about how the practice of yoga is spreading, in order to adapt my issue story into its visual counterpart. Continue reading

DU students achieve personal growth during rigorous yoga teacher training

DU students practice the Vinyasa style of yoga in Child's pose.

DU students practice the Vinyasa style of yoga in Child’s pose.

As the practice of yoga becomes increasingly popular among students on the DU campus, several students are taking their passion for yoga to the next level and becoming certified instructors through a demanding training process. From Bikram, a hot yoga intended to flush out toxins from the body, to Vinyasa, a style focused upon synchronizing movement and breath, these students are proficient in the various types of yoga practiced today.

Steph Winsor, a junior at DU currently in the middle of her teacher training, believes that yoga is about much more than physical exercise.

“Yoga is a way of life. It’s a spiritual practice,” Winsor said. “I can feel it in my body and my mind when I miss a class.” Continue reading