I'm Gigi and I'm a freshman majoring in journalism. The world of media is changing a lot right now and I think it's important to be able to keep up with the change and learn how to use multimedia. I think that this class is going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait to learn more! :D

DU men’s lacrosse keeps eye on the prize

After enjoying an exceptional 2010-11 season, DU’s men’s lacrosse team is back and better than ever. With an infusion of new and old talent, the Pioneers feel this could be the year they go all the way.

“Certainly our goal every year is to win a national championship,” said head coach Bill Tierney, who has worked with Denver since July 2009. “We know we’ve got the talent, and one of these days, we’re going to put it all together.

During the 2011 season, Denver won 12 straight games, a school record, leading the Pioneers to their Final Four debut. Despite the stellar season, the Pioneers still think there’s work to be done.

“We need to keep getting better,” said junior midfielder Chase Carraro. “We need to keep having guys step up day in and day out and if we keep doing that, we’re going to end up reaching our potential.”

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Creativity and entrepreneurship on display at DU

I decided to do a slideshow on the Creativity and Entrepreneurship program at DU because I’m a part of it this year and I thought it would be a really cool program to profile. I wanted to get student input on the program and what they think of it, as well as the professor’s opinion on what the merits of the program are and how it can help prepare for a job in the future, even if it’s not necessarily in business.

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Asbestos in Sturm no cause for concern

Over the last two weeks, DU Facilities Management has been working alongside an environmental consulting firm to replace asbestos-contaminated carpets and floor tiles on the third and fourth floors of Sturm Hall.

Most of the flooring in Sturm has tested positive for asbestos, according to Herron.

“It’s typical of any institution: when asbestos would impact material, it has to be removed in a certain way,” says Lennie Herron, an industrial hygienist and also president and CEO of Herron Enterprises.

According to Herron, the floor tile in the third and fourth floor was composed of six percent asbestos, while the mastic (what holds the floor and carpet together) was about 15 percent.

“We had six to eight works areas,” says Herron. “We had urgent areas at the start of the project.”

Freshman Melanie Kesner was surprised to learn about what was going on.

“I have classes on the third and fourth floor [of Sturm]; the fact that it’s there freaks me out a little bit.”

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DU students drink despite dictate


Drinking is often associated with having fun, but I wanted to give underage students out there an idea of the consequences it can have. I didn’t want my pictures to be completely over the top ie someone passed out drunk, but I did want to show that students actually have alcohol on campus, something I touched on in the first issue. I wanted to convey the realities of underage drinking to students out there, specifically ones that are underage.

The slideshow mixes pictures of students with shots from around the university. I also incorporated some of the quotes I used in the first issue, but I included new statistics as well. I started the slideshow with the picture I did because personally, it was one of my favorite shots and I thought it was visually dynamic.

I chose to photograph actual underage students with alcohol, because despite the university’s desire not to have students drink, a good portion of them still do. According to the university, alcohol misuse is identified as “possession… of alcohol,” so I wanted to make sure students didn’t get in trouble. One of the ways I made sure I didn’t divulge their identity was by backlighting them so their faces wouldn’t be visible. I also focused on different parts of their body like their hand or the back of their head when I did use regular lighting. I wanted to get pictures of their alcohol alone that kind of resembled stock photos, in terms of their composition and lighting.

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DUI: DU under the influence

"Alcohol is a dangerous drug but I drink it anyway," says Collins.

Underage drinking is almost guaranteed to occur on any college campus, but rules are usually put in place and enforced to discourage this behavior. So why do students keep doing it?

“It’s just kind of a social thing,” says Ben Peterson*, a freshman at the University of Denver.

“I drink because other people drink,” adds friend Kevin Collins*, also a freshman.

According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, there are estimated to be 10.8 million underage drinkers in the United States. Students that are the most likely to drink usually tend to be Caucasian, male, athletes, members of Greek life on campus, or first-year students.

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