Isabel McCan

Isabel McCan

As you can see, my name is Isabel McCan and I am currently a Journalism major at the University of Denver. I'm a home-grown country child originally from the southern coast of Texas and I recently returned from a semester of study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Some of my favorite ways to spend time include reading, hiking, hanging out with my friends, and enjoying delicious food. With my posts here, I hope to inform our audience about the many aspects of college life here at DU in an entertaining, informative, and accurate manner. Ciao!

DU students express their pride and cheer on men’s hockey


Although the University of Denver can’t boast the same enrollment numbers as larger state schools, our sporting events can boast rowdy Pioneer spirit. With my Final Cut Pro slideshow, I wanted to capture the student enthusiasm at our games and dispel the myth that our school doesn’t show school spirit. I attended the the DU/CC hockey rivalry game to shoot the photos needed to express these goals. I also wanted to illustrate why school pride is important for a campus community and encourage those who watch the video to support their school in one way or another.

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Returning students learn to adjust post-abroad

In covering the topic of student’s re-adjustment to home and campus post-abroad, I wanted my photos to effectively show some of the aspects of campus that had changed while students were abroad. I also wanted to capture some of the ways that students learn to preserve their memories from abroad with things like their souvenirs, mementos and room décor. I also tried to illustrate the joy students feel when reuniting with their friends as well as the stress students endure from trying to juggle so many changes at once. I also gaves examples of ways students can help de-stress themselves and ease back into the normal rythem. Finally, I also wanted to point students in the right direction of where they can look to find support upon returning and get involved with sharing their experiences from abroad.

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Post-abroad adjustments: DU students return to campus


A collection of postcards Madeline Nash acquired from friends and from her own time abroad.

The University of Denver campus may look a bit more crowded this winter quarter than in autumn. There was recently a resurgence of third and fourth year students returning from semesters of studying around the world.

“It’s all embraces and big hugs when you see your friends for the first time. It feels so awesome to reunite,” said Madeline Nash, a junior International Studies and Spanish major who went abroad to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The DU Fact and Figures page cites DU as, in 2011, ranking sixth in the nation in the percentage of undergraduate students who study abroad, with about 63.4 percent of the undergraduates at DU choosing to go abroad for at least a semester.

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Winter quarter then operates as a period of re-adjustment for the juniors and seniors returning to campus. It is the time to re-acclimate to the routine and culture of the United States and of DU as well.

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