Jacob Bockhorst

Jacob Bockhorst

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Denver with a primary major in strategic communication and a secondary major in socio-legal studies. I'm currently pursuing a career in tourism or corporate public and media relations and advertising with hopes of attending law school further down the road. I'm interested in politics, current events, public policy and the sociology of law academically. In my spare time, I play piano and pick-up basketball and enjoy being outdoors.

The DU Bridge Project: A bright spot in Denver area education

In taking the photos for the slideshow, I tried to, above all, capture active students engaged in the daily routine of the Bridge Project. My topic focused on the Westwood Opportunity Center, one of the Bridge Project’s four sites around Denver, and the services they offer to students living in the housing projects nearby. The organization offers an after school location for kindergarten through high school students living in housing projects and provides students with an assortment of educational services, homework assistance, tutor programs and social health classes taught by licensed educators and social work interns at DU.

My ultimate goal in creating the slideshow was to portray the daily routine at Bridge, as well as highlight the helpful services and education avenues the staff at Bridge is opening for more economically disadvantaged students. The pictures attempted to communicate interaction between tutors/staff and the students, as well as showcase the cooperative nature of the organization while shedding a light on who works there and why. Continue reading

UTS Help Center employees personally assist with laptop troubles

This slideshow, in conjunction with an issue story, is meant to paint a story about the services offered by the DU University Technical Services Help Center and highlight the technical skills of UTS Help Center employees. Through pictures of the Help Center and shots of employees assisting customers with laptop problems, the complimentary technical services provided at the Help Center can be showcased and a series of valuable services emphasized. I accomplished this by beginning with a chronological set of photos meant to visualize the walk-in laptop appointment process. Continue reading

UTS Help Desk provides wide range of specific tech assistance

The UTS Help Center is located in the Anderson Academic Commons.

The UTS Help Center is located in the Anderson Academic Commons on the main floor.

The University Technical Services Computer Help Desk, newly relocated to Anderson Academic Commons, provides an extensive assortment of free technical assistance to University of Denver faculty, students and staff.

The desk, staffed by both students and administrators with tech support and computer backgrounds, includes personal phone, email, online and walk-in computer and laptop support for Mac and PC operating platforms and software. Confronting a number of varying technology issues daily, the staff at the Help Desk can and does actively assist in the resolution of a large collection of common tech problems experienced by the DU community.

Common issues and services

Specifically, UTS Help Desk employees deal regularly with virus and malware disabling, printer installation, wireless Internet/PioneerNet connection issues, common software malfunctions in Microsoft Office software and troubleshooting of software programs, along with general tech questions and computer operations. Continue reading