Jordan Greenwall

Jordan Greenwall

East Coast soul born and raised in Denver. My passions are golfing, writing and all things funny. Currently studying journalism and communication at the University of Denver in hopes of making my way to NYC.

College seen through the eyes of philanthropy

Rarely ever does one see the positives contributions to society from the greek community spread across the news. Greek Organizations across the country have been able to fundraise millions of dollars for their specific philanthropies. Gamma Phi Beta, Sigma Chi and Chi Omega at the University of Denver have been able to raise thousands of dollars for organizations that are meaningful to their chapters. Continue reading

Students reveal untold stories of life without abroad

Many students accepted to the University of Denver dream of studying abroad during their junior year of college, a dream made easy by the university’s high study abroad rankings. Shockingly, there are a number of students who chose not to study abroad and face an entirely new experience during their junior fall quarter while 70 percent of their class is traveling the world.

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Globally-minded students impacting the world through AIESEC

AIESEC is the largest student-run organization in the world, located on college campuses throughout Europe and the United States, including the University of Denver. In order represent the organization and what it stands for, I tried to take photos that involved its members and its values. Continue reading

The untold opportunities of the Newman Center revealed

The Newman Center is one of the newest buildings at the University of Denver. You don’t have to step inside to know that Newman is full of beauty because the outside architecture of the building expresses what happens inside: art. Unfortunately, not many students on campus know the secret treasures that the Newman Center holds. Located on the southern end of campus, the Newman Center is out of sight for many students who are not involved with the music program.

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Students discover untold opportunities in the music department

[Photo by Jordan Greenwall] Newman Center for Performing Arts at the University of Denver

[Photo by Jordan Greenwall]
Newman Center for Performing Arts at the University of Denver

DENVER- The Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver is widely recognized for its premier education in music performance. However, students who do not study music at the university are often naïve as to the opportunities offered to them by the music department.

The Newman Center for Performing Arts houses the Lamont School and boasts beautifully built facilities that are separate from the main campus, making it less known the majority of the university’s student body. Continue reading