Jill Ranco

Are those lollipops or condoms? What happens when DU kids are having too much sex

It is no surprise when parents walk into a college dorm, there is generally a large glass jar full of colorful condoms. People associate college with sex and booze, right?

While the free condoms might be convenient for a guy to slip into his back pock before heading out for a night, and a solid option to avoid STDs, they’re only 11-14% effective in preventing pregnancy. And while girls can protect themselves against STDs with condoms too, to further protect themselves against pregnancy costs a pretty penny, even with the new insurance plans. Oral contraptions and IUDs can add up to $300 to $900 a year. These birth control options cause hormonal imbalance, can be uncomfortable and are an all-around pain in the ass. Regardless of how much security one employs, between mis-use of contraceptives, lack of contraceptive use at all, in July 2012 The Guttmacher Institute released  released a study that proved evidence that roughly 107 out of 1,000 women between the ages of 20-24 are bound to get pregnant. Continue reading