Julia Straaton

Julia Straaton

English Education and Journalism major at the University of Denver, with a background in elementary Chinese. Currently in a part of DU's greek community and is a Sexual Assault Liaison for DU's Health and Counseling Center.

DU value art?


The University of Denver offers various major and minors in studio art, art history, emerging digital practices and so on though its School of Art & Art History. The University also has a student gallery, ceramics studio, painting and drawing studios, a darkroom, and a photo lab so that students can pursue their various artistic interests and goals. At a time when the arts are being defunded nationally it is important to consider what the value is of taking art, teaching art, and having art on campuses across the country. 

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DU students frustrated over registration system

Registering for classes is a stressful time for students here at the University of Denver, and also for students on campuses across the country. The majority of students worry about being able to take certain classes that they need. Registration at the University of Denver is completely online. Students lookup classes or enter course number online in order to register, which can all be found on the University’s website pioneer web. Because the system is completely online, there are often frustrations and difficultly for students to create the schedules they want  and or need.

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The Invictus Initiative works to build love globally

My audio/visual story represents Madison Davis and the Invictus Initiative’s strive for volunteering and the creation of a better community globally. My photo project represents how the Invictus Initiative works to fundraise for their trips and what volunteering means to them.

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Campus safety works hard to provide protection to DU students

This gallery contains 12 photos.

With DU’s recent spike in sexual assaults around campus, many students are looking towards how the school can help prevent, educate, and heal from recent attacks. Female students, who are the most commonly effected by sexual assaults are encouraging DU and DU’s health and counseling center to step forward to provide more support as they fear the spike in sexual assault could become an epidemic. These photos work directly with my article to help emphasis the current state of stress around campus.

The photos chosen help to show the dangers of DU’s unprotected side while also showcasing how DU supports its potential victims and survivors. Certain photos show the viewpoint of a perpetrator while others show from the viewpoint of the victim. As seen through following women in dark alleyways, or seeing how they interact with DU’s emergency phone systems. While other photos showcase the Health and Counseling Center, CAPE, and Title IX around campus to show how active DU is with providing a safe environment. 

Most photos were taken candidly, however some were posed to work with light and timing. The hardest part was getting models to participate due to the hectic lives of college students. 

DU students desire more advocacy for sexual assault victims

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 12.27.33 PM

From just the start of the new year, DU’s campus has continued to increase in gender-based discrimination, including sexual violence. With two incidents since the start of March, students are becoming more and more concerned with the schools ability to keep them safe.

Female students specifically are looking at the effects that sexual assault, recovery, and advocacy have on victims. As they advocate for better options in resources and support, the women of DU are frightened this increase of incidents could turn towards an epidemic.

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