Jane Zunamon

Jane Zunamon

Sophomore at DU. Double major in strategic communication and art. Chicago native. Huge lover of dogs, music, and sports!

Greek life’s demise at DU

Greek life is a popular social aspect on many college campuses, specifically on the University of Denver’s campus. However, recently there has been a lot of negative associations with greek life. This new view has caused a decrease in students participation in greek life. There are fewer members going through the recruitment process, and more members dropping from their chapter.

DU has a pretty big greek life for a small school, consisting of six fraternities and six sororities. In the past two years two fraternities have been kicked off for various reasons. The first fraternity to get kicked off was Sigma Alpha Epsilon, a long standing fraternity at the university of Denver. It was in December of 2015 when the school emailed the members of SAE and told them they had to move out of the house and their chapter was being removed. Continue reading

Steering through DU

Filmed and edited by Will Moss, Jane Zunamon, and Carson Baer.

DU club builds awareness about pediatric cancer

The topic of my slideshow is a profile piece highlighting DU’s Love Your Melon campus crew. My slideshow consists of a variety of photos. The photos mostly consist of the members in the campus crew. There are a few photos of them at one of their tabling events. There are also photos of the gear that they sell and some photos showing some of the children that Love Your Melon helps.

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Spring, according to Justin Cygan

Hookup culture at DU

The slideshow is a collection of photos that relate to my story about the hookup culture on DU’s campus and social media’s contribution. The point I want to get across is the fact that dating is not popular in this generation. College students tend to be involved in casual hookup relationships instead. This slideshows intention is to inform the viewer about that topic by using photos with captions.

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Lack of dating among DU students


Tinder, a commonly used dating app.

Each generation creates a new dating scene with rules and social norms different from previous generations. Years ago it was common for two people to go on a date and was considered a normal, acceptable activity. In this millennial generation, it’s very rare for people to go on dates, and casual hookups are more common. It’s been argued that today’s college students don’t know how to date. The advancement of technology has impacted this generation by weakening face-to-face interaction skills.

The use of smartphones and social media apps contribute to the dating scene by making people more reachable. Texting has become the biggest platform for college students to communicate through.

Annalise Lejeune, a sophomore at DU, talks about the negatives with this, “We are obligated to always stay in touch, all these rules, and multiple apps, it’s dizzying.” She went on to describe that this generation tends to meet each other, start hooking up, and then gets to know one another; a backwards approach to dating. Continue reading