Kersten Jaeger

Kersten Jaeger

Kersten is a sophomore at the University of Denver, and is majoring in journalism. She enjoys watching movies and television and yelling at her tv screen. Her other hobbies include wandering outdoors, greeting every dog she sees, and eating as often as possible. She speaks German, mostly in an homage to her last name, and is currently attempting to learn French. She is interested in pursuing a career as a...

Professors at the University of Denver lead interesting, yet busy lives

People are often impressed by the average college student’s ability to “juggle”. He or she is studying, experiencing the fun social aspects of college life, and frequently balancing that with a job as well. Rarely, however, do people look at the professors’ ability to balance just as much, if not more. Continue reading

International athletes add diversity to University of Denver sports


The photos I chose were mostly trying to represent abstract ideas that the interviews discussed. It was difficult for me to find things to take pictures of, especially because both sports teams were away on competitions a lot which made photographing them a challenge. Continue reading

Sodexo strives to make the University of Denver and the world a better place

In this slideshow I really wanted to capture the efforts that Sodexo puts into its work. I tried to show the different things that makes Sodexo a commendable company and focused on the positive. I tried to mix in pictures of people and food items to connect the employees with their work. I also made sure to get pictures of students, because they are the beneficiaries of all of the effort Sodexo puts in.

Continue reading

Sodexo employees reveal their feelings about working for DU students


They see most students every day. They stand behind the glass barriers that separate them from their patrons as they prepare and present the food that is frequently a source of complaint for DU students. They are the Sodexo employees that feed and clean up after everyone without receiving much appreciation. Yet, they are there day after day. Continue reading