Kat Weaver

Tulsa, Oklahoma native. 2nd-year Sophomore at the University of Denver, majoring in Media Studies with minors in Film Studies and Production and Emergent Digital Practices. I love art, film, poetry, television, graphic design and food.

DU celebrates Seventh Annual New Beginnings Pow Wow

The event I chose to cover for my audio slideshow was DU’s Seventh Annual New Beginnings Pow Wow, put on by the Native Student Alliance here at DU. I wanted to explain the purpose of the Pow Wow, why it’s important to the Native community here at our school (and in Colorado) and to showcase what actually goes on at the Pow Wow.

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Springtime favorites at DU

Emphasizing sexual health and education at DU

My topic came from the recent controversy and possibility of Planned Parenthood being defunded by the GOP, which Paul Ryan said he “vowed” to accomplish earlier this year. With this story and slideshow, I wanted to demonstrate the importance of the organization to students at DU (and women everywhere,) explain the variety of services the organization offers (not just abortion,) and how women would be affected if the government were to stop reimbursing Planned Parenthood.

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Protecting Planned Parenthood at DU


DUPB provides condom dispensers in campus bathrooms to promote safe sex.

DU Health and Counseling Center provides condom dispensers in campus bathrooms to promote safe sex.

Amidst the flood of newfound responsibilities that college students face when moving out or away from home, health care isn’t usually one of them. Most young adults in the US stay on their parent’s health insurance policy until the age of 26, when they legally must buy their own. However, gender equality and affordable health care for all are issues that aren’t typically overlooked or put on the back-burner on college campuses, including the University of Denver.


Over the past decade, anti-abortion politicians like Vice President Mike Pence have made attempts at retracting certain women’s health care services in the US, making access to safe, legal abortions more and more difficult. The Hyde Amendment already prohibits federal funds from being used for abortions, but since President Donald Trump was elected, House Speaker Paul Ryan vowed to “defund” the women’s health clinic Planned Parenthood which offers numerous health care services to 2.5 million women in the US every year.


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