Lauren Poore

Lauren Poore

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Denver with a major in strategic communication and a minor in art.

RTD provides DU students with free, smart transportation options

The Regional Transportation Department (RTD) has partnered with the University of Denver in recent years to provide students and staff with free light rail and bus passes.

Using student tuition, DU buys light rail passes for all of its undergraduate students and some of its gradate students and staff at a discounted price from RTD. The passes then permit free transportation for all light rail and buses throughout the city, giving pass holders other, less expensive transportation options apart from vehicles.

RTD transportation benefits and convenience

“Why is simple, because it’s the right thing to do, ethically and morally for both the university, society, for the environment and for the students,” says Buddy Knox, University of Denver Parking Director. “Issuing RTD passes and negotiating that contract with RTD was the right thing to do.” Continue reading

Looking behind the scenes at the Root 40 Music Festival

The photos that I took for the slideshow are of different aspects of the Root 40 Music Festival. I took photos of a lot of behind the scenes set up for the first day of the festival of bands, merchandise stations, and the people who were working at the festival. I also took pictures of various bands that played on different nights during the weeklong festival. Some of these bands included Vomit Slaughter, Paradox Afterlife, and the A-Oks. Through these photos, I wanted to show how much work was involved in putting the festival together and how many people were really involved. The scale of the festival was huge, and I wanted to emphasize what a great opportunity this festival provides for interns, volunteers, bands, and even audience members.
The photo slides were placed strategically with what the interviewees were talking about. For example, when the intern I interviewed (Colin Starner) was talking about his duties that he was assigned throughout the process of Root 40, I coordinated the pictures of fliers and Colin stage-managing when he explained these aspects of his job. Through the audio, I wanted to highlight what it was like to help organize such a large music festival because the general public doesn’t quite know the effort people behind the scenes put into making a festival great and run smoothly. During this project, I learned that great pictures can really compliment audio clips to effectively demonstrate a point. I found audio editing rather easy, except for cutting out little bits and still having it sound smooth. I realized how much work really goes into making an audio slideshow work well with the pictures that I took, but I really enjoyed the process and creating my own video from little bits and pieces of pictures and audio clips. Next time, I would probably try to do my interview first just to make sure that the pictures completely match up with my audio clips because I think it adds a whole other level to a project.

Balancing work with school

The slideshow consist of pictures taken of different University of Denver students who are employed and also are enrolled in school full-time.  I mainly focused on three students; Amber Swaim, Kinsey Knakkergaard, and Zac Debard.  This is because I interviewed these students for my previous story on  I chose to focus on DU students who are working because I wanted to show students who are paying off student loans that there are various ways in which they can utilize the University of Denver to obtain a job. Continue reading

Students balance work with school

Do you ever wonder why college students flock to places that have free food?  What is one common thought that constantly runs through college students’ minds? If you answered these questions with “college students are broke” then you are entirely correct.  The University of Denver is not exactly a cheap school to attend and many students find it hard to financially support themselves throughout their years of studying as a DU Pioneer.

Majority of students, during their four years of undergraduate studies, will at some point complain about the lack of money in their bank accounts.  However, some students find a way around this precarious stage of life and jump into a job to support themselves.

Where students work

Kinsey helps out the Shwayder Arts Building with their Sandy Skoglund book and pipe cleaner installation.

Kinsey helps out the Shwayder Arts Building with their Sandy Skoglund book and pipe cleaner installation.

Various locations on and around the DU campus offer student employment opportunities.  Kinsey Knakkergaard, a junior with a major in Psychology, works in the Shwayder Arts building as a receptionist and second hand to the administrators working in the building.  She has been employed since January 2013 and works around fifteen hours a week. Continue reading