Li Zeng

Li Zeng

Come from China. A Media Studies Major and Marketing minor. Going back to China after graduate. A big fan of Brit-Pop music.

Non-major class at DU Lamont School of Music–opportunities for everyone


The Lamont school of Music, an accredited member of National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), founded in 1924, has been

DU Lamont School of Music provides music opportunities for both major and non-majors.

DU Lamont School of Music provides music opportunities for both major and non-majors.

providing music opportunities to non-music major students at University of Denver.


Popular classes

“Studio lessons are the most popular,” introduced Kerry Walsh, the student affairs coordinator at the Lamont School of Music. “But they are only offered based on whether we have a graduate teaching assistant in the area.” Continue reading

DU Global Medical Brigades going to Honduras this spring break

DU Global Medical Brigades student organization has been fundraising for their trip during spring break to Honduras, which is going to provide medical and dental care to the people and training to local communities in Honduras.




So far, the organization has received generous support from the community. Popular campus food venues such as South Philly Cheesesteaks and Beau Jo’s have agreed to donate proceedings towards the organization’s mission. Continue reading

Food culture difference: the big issue for international students

The topic I chose is the different food cultures between the U.S. and where DU international students come from. Since I don’t feel very comfortable to be recorded myself, I decide to conduct this slideshow depending the interviews, so I had each of my interviewees introduce themselves and talk through on this topic. The photos I shot basically consist of photos of the interviewees, food, cooking and DU dining halls. I also went to the Chinese New Year Celebration. Continue reading