Michael Ferrero

Michael Ferrero

Michael Ferrero is a freshman at the University of Denver. He is from Westminster, Colorado, and is a baseball player. Additionally, Michael is a sports writer for the DU Clarion.

DU students enjoy broomball

For my FCP slideshow, I decided to take photos of broomball games as they were occurring. I wanted to compile a variety of images, and because of this, I decided to take both staged and candid pictures. Action shots of the game were the most compelling images, and it was the most effective way to show the energy that is present on the ice during a broomball game. I took pictures of players that were both close up and far away to get a few different perspectives, and each photo shows the fun and competitive energy that occurs in every broomball game. I also photographed the players that provided audio to the slideshow to provide clarity as to who was speaking.
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DU students take interest in broom ball

The University of Denver’s recreational department offers a myriad of intramural sports and leagues to participate in; the most popular sport is broomball.

Freshman Sam Garry takes a shot on goal during a broomball game in Joy Burns Arena on Feb. 14.

Broomball is essentially a mixture of soccer and hockey. It combines assets of both sports, and requires teamwork in order to excel.Teams consist of anywhere between seven and 19 players, and must be composed of both men and women. Each team is allowed five players on the ice at a time, including a goalie. Two of the players must be girls, and all players are required to wear a helmet. Players wear tennis shoes and attempt to hit the miniature soccer ball into a hockey net with sticks containing plastic ends.

Unlike all other intramural sports, broomball is a sport that is only played on ice. The students at the University of Denver have a special opportunity to participate in broomball leagues due to the facilities on campus that many other schools do not have. Games are played on the ice in Magness Arena, as well as in the Joy Burns center. Broomball is a unique sport that is not offered at many other schools. No other intramural sport at DU allows students to compete on the same surfaces as their peers who are on scholarship for a Division I sport. Magness Arena has been the home ice for many student-athletes who have taken their talents to the professional level. Once every few weeks, broomball players get the opportunity to take the same ice that has manufactured over 60 players of the National Hockey League.

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DU students show lack of support

Throughout the country, prestigious athletic programs at elite universities pride themselves in having great support from their fans. Within these collegiate communities, many of the fans are students, and their attendance levels for every home game, regardless of the sport, are staggering. This inspired me to look into the amount of student support here at the University of Denver, and why student attendance rates are so low.

In order to obtain the information I was seeking, I went to many of the basketball games here on campus. I also watched a few of the gymnastics meets and hockey games to truly get a feel for what I was researching. I found that students are most supportive and attentive at hockey games; however, basketball and gymnastics were a different story.

Having said that, I brought my camera to a few of the basketball games and took pictures. I looked for things that would prove that attendance levels were low at games within the arena, so I photographed empty sections, and parents and siblings calmly sitting in the designated student section. I also took a picture of the sign that points out the lone section devoted to students for basketball games.

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Pioneers win games without fan support

In the three rows of this section, only eight seats are occupied at this basketball game at the University of Denver.

Despite being ranked the #1 athletic program in the entire country amongst universities without football teams, the University of Denver continues to have a lack of support at a myriad of its athletic events.

The athletic program at the University of Denver has an impressive resume that proudly displays its exceptional success. Home to 28 national championships, the Denver Pioneers have seen success throughout the entire program. Additionally, 108 student athletes throughout the history of the program have won individual national championships. The University of Denver’s athletic program possesses a rich in history of success that cover a significant span of time.

2011 marked the 4th consecutive year that the University of Denver was awarded with the prestigious Directors’ Cup. The cup exemplifies athletic success demonstrated by student athletes, and is awarded to the university that has amassed the most athletic achievements without a football team. Thanks to strong seasons put on by fall, winter, and spring teams, the Pioneers have held onto the award for four straight years.

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