Maisie Karlin

Maisie Karlin

My name is pronounced May-Z. I am a second year double major in Journalism and Political Science with a minor in Italian language and culture.

Take Me to Africa

While the Black Student Alliance has become well established on DU’s campus, there was no organization for students who wanted a stronger connection to Africa.  Freshmen Anifa Musengimana and Sarah Tesfai decided to fill that absence at DU.

That is how African Students United came to DU.  The organization aims to “create a space to celebrate educate, and participate in the understanding of the many rich, diverse cultures of Africa”.  The organization is intended for students of African descent and anyone who wants to be an ally on campus.

ASU has been in existence since January 2017, and did their first big performance at Black Undergraduate Student Alliance’s event “Taste of African Dance”.  The President of ASU, Anifa Musengimana says, “When we saw how successful that event was, and everybody who came together to celebrate African culture, we knew that we needed to have this event.”

ASU did just that on Friday, May 19, 2017 in Davis Auditorium from 5:30-9pm, with Take Me to Africa.  The event featured traditional African food, local vendors, performances and a fashion show.

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Traffic At DU

Food Recovery Network


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Spring as seen by Daniela Santos

DU sheds light on sexual assault

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SAAM reminds DU of its own rocky history with sexual assault


CAPE’s sign outside of their building on the corner of Asbury and University.

DENVER – Taking a walk through the University of Denver’s campus this month, it is hard to miss the signs advertising events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM).

SAAM also brings to light DU’s rocky history with the topic.
DU was one of 55 Universities to undergo a Title IX investigation in 2014 for negligence of equally protecting women studying at their universities in regard to sexual assault, harassment, and stalking.
A little less well known is the “Dear colleague” letter sent out in 2011 by President Obama, outlining what sexual violence constitutes; it states that any type of sexual violence against a student or staff violates Title IX.
After this letter went out to all universities in the U.S., DU replaced Jevis, with CAPE (center for advocacy, prevention, and empowerment).
CAPE is a center on DU’s campus which is also a branch of the health & counseling center that provides resources, guidance and assistance to students who have been sexually assaulted, harassed, or stalked.

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