Mike Middelburg

Mike Middelburg

I'm Mike from Connecticut and I am a student at the University of Denver. I am a Journalism major with a minor in International Studies. I am also a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon here at DU, where I plan and co-ordinate large events such as Paddy Murphy and Autumn Classic.

International students dominate University of Denver tennis team

At the University of Denver, athletes come from all over the world to wear crimson and gold with Pioneer pride.  The tennis team is a great example of the diversity within the athletics program at DU.

Emma Isberg mentions that the tennis team consists of athletes from “Sweden, Austria, Germany, U.S.A., and we’re having two girls coming in in January, one from Wales and one from England”.

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The Dangers of Irresponsible Drinking

This slideshow presents pictures of people drinking and general photographs of alcohol to show the prevalence of irresponsible drinking on college campuses.  The photos I chose for the slideshow are primarily focused on different means of consuming alcohol.  The pictures are meant to show that drinking games and aggressive drinking make it difficult for somebody to monitor exactly how much alcohol they are actually consuming.  Drinking is a major part of college, but the amount of binge drinking in college is often overlooked and serves as a major problem.

The pictures show several different ways that some college students choose to drink instead of the traditional means of drinking a beer or a mixed drink.  There are photos of people “shot-gunning” and cans that had been “shot-gunned,” which is a popular means of attempting to drink beer as fast as possible.  Other pictures show somebody drinking straight from a bottle of hard alcohol, Irish car bombs (a popular drop-shot drink consisting of Bailey’s, Guinness, and Jameson), a set up beer pong game, and drinking bagged wine.  All of these methods of drinking promote irresponsible and binge drinking but are very often used by college students to get drunk quickly.

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SAE at University of Denver returns with second annual Autumn Classic

SAE and philanthropy from mkm1856

This November marks the second annual benefit concert, the Autumn Classic, hosted by Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Denver.  Last year the event raised nearly $4,000 last year for the Gordie Foundation, a charity focused on preventing alcohol abuse and hazing.

This year the artists feature up-and-coming DJ’s TheFatRat, Pruitt, and DJ Mike Deez and is being sponsored by Bee-Note.com.  The event will be taking place at Casselmans Bar and Venue, a location that Sigma Alpha Epsilon has become very familiar with over the past years.  This year a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Children’s Hospital of Colorado Foundation.

Although the Autumn Classic is moving from the Gothic Theater on South Broadway to Casselmans in downtown Denver, the event should prove to deliver the same results as its inaugural year did.  SAE will be selling tickets on DU’s campus and online.

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