Megan Sehr

Megan Sehr

DU students and faculty discuss the benefits of summer courses

As spring quarter reaches its end, DU students and faculty are preparing for a summer quarter at the university.

Summer quarter starts June 17 and ends August 15, and the university is offering a variety of programs to fit students’ schedules.

DU undergraduate students can take a course for the entire term, or they can choose to opt for single 4-week sessions.  Three 3-week course sequences are also available to students looking to complete courses that require an entire sequence, such as natural sciences.
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DU students have fun at the Big Event


This photo and audio slideshow covers some of the activities offered during DUPB’s Big Event.  I pulled students aside throughout the night to ask them what they were doing and to gauge their reactions of the event.  I had a lot of problems deciding on a topic to cover for this assignment, so I chose the Big Event because there was a lot of action to photograph and record.

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DU students shop on a budget.

I wanted to highlight the different ways that college students shop on a budget, and the choices available to students looking for affordable options.  This includes tips from the students themselves, statistics provided by various sources, and brief mentions of some of the various retailers available to college students (plus ways to take advantage of discounts and rewards programs).

University of Students Reveal Their Secrets for Shopping on a Budget

In the past couple of years, global increases in the costs of raw materials and labor have caused a nearly 10 percent rise in clothing costs.  In response to higher costs, college students budgeting their money are looking for new, creative ways to buy quality clothing at a manageable price.

Many DU students have successfully learned to budget their money without sacrificing their personal style.  They have learned where to find the best deals, how to get the most value for their money, and what to look for while clothes shopping.

Student Lexi Dienstbier shows off a workout outfit she bought at Nordstrom Rack.

Student Lexi Dienstbier shows off a workout outfit she bought at Nordstrom Rack.


What to spend money on: quality vs. quantity.

While shopping for clothing, it seems tempting to measure success by quantity instead of quality.  However, for some students, the quality of the clothing is important for long-term and practical wear.

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