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Moving On: Pioneers’ Christian Burgdorf

Ellie Knott, Phalan Klein

For Bill Tierney’s Pioneers, excellence is the unanimous standard. His end game however? that his players will have fun and excel in sport and life far past his time as their coach. For three time all American and two time captain Christian Burgdorf, Lacrosse still is and always will be a “Fun game.” We caught up with Christian to talk about the end of his career as a pioneer and the recent Major League Lacrosse Draft. Continue reading

Dining Hall etiquette for DU students


Ellie Knott & Phalan Klein

  For first and second year Students at the University of Denver, the Dining Hall becomes their kitchen away from home. The first place where they eat without the company of their families, a consistent meeting place at meal times for friends and roommates after the hustle of class and extracurriculars. With an influx of hundreds of students daily, the Dining Halls are a hub for the University of Denver campus. The Sodexo employees who prep, cook, and maintain the food and dining environment, often feel as though students become too comfortable.  Continue reading

Registering a Service Dog



Second year University of Denver student Ryan Massopust walks fellow students through the process he experienced when getting his emotional supper animal Otto on campus. Ryan lives in the dorms went thought he Disabilities Service Program to get Otto to proper documentation and approval to live in the dorms.

Emotional support animals and service dogs can be seen around the dorms in select rooms, warning the students with signs saying “Approved Animal in Residence.” The animals help their owners with a range of disabilities while they get their education.


DU Students Smoking Seven Sears after the Ban

There has been a push by the American College Health Association to create smoke free college campuses. Five years after the announcement, the University of Denver became a smoke free campus. This slideshow features photos from around campus showing the state of DU seven years after the smoking ban was put in place.

Two students interviewed were photographed during their smoking breaks outside Nagel Hall. The spots they smoke show signs of residue from a plethora of smokers, ash can be seen on trash cans and walls, as well as cigarette buds all over the ground. Some smokers feel mislead by the ash trays around campus, some of which can be seen in the slideshow.

The slideshow also features some facts about the push for smoke free campuses, and statistics about tobacco products use and effects done by various studies. Continue reading

Campus is ‘smoke free’ since 2010

'Tobacco free DU' in the courtyard of Nagel Hall.

‘Tobacco free DU’ in the courtyard of Nagel Hall.

The University of Denver is a smoke free campus, from both marijuana and tobacco. However, tobacco smoking was only recently banned from campus less than a decade ago.

According to a 2002 survey done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, cigarette smoking rates declined among US adults but held steady with young adults ages 18-24. A study by Henry Wechsler done a year earlier also revealed that smoking rates were lower among residents of smoke-free housing, and students who did not smoke were also less likely to pick up the habit.

As a response, in 2005 the American College Health association began a push to create tobacco free college campuses. Five years later in January of 2010, University of Denver’s previous chancellor Robert Coombe announced the decision and it’s collaboration with the DU Tobacco Task Force (TTF.)

Continue reading