Paris Norris

Paris Norris

Born and raised in Louisiana, Paris Norris is a Strategic Communications major at Denver University. Actively pursuing a music career, Paris decided long ago to enter the entertainment industry through the back door and hopes to apply her degree in the public relations profession as an entertainment publicist to the stars.

DU military students share past experiences and future dreams

Military students, both novices and veterans, make up a large percentage of the student population at the University of Denver; though, very few people on campus are aware of both DU’s military program and its members: they may see a trio of individuals in camouflage uniform marching by on Driscoll Bridge and readily assume that they are soldiers visiting the school. Continue reading

Discovering LGBT nightlife in Denver


The topic of my slideshow is lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender (LGBT) nightlife in Denver. Initially, I wanted to tell the story of a gay Denver University student’s night out in Denver. Unfortunately, the student that I intended on profiling fell ill, and was unable to go out. Although the new idea for my story was relatively the same, my approach and execution were different from my original plans. Continue reading

DU music students in the limelight

The topic of my slideshow is Lamont music students at DU. I am seeking to tell a story about the time constraints and commitments that the music students have in order to achieve their degree and their dreams of becoming working musicians. Due to most of the music students full schedules, I was unable to photograph a lot of people, however the interviewees from my issue story allowed me to photograph them, and I got a few shots of their closed rehearsals. Continue reading

DU music students take center stage


Lamont Music School students rehearsing for "Lamont Opera Scenes".

Lamont Music School students rehearsing for “Lamont Opera Scenes”.

Walk into Joy Burns Plaza at Denver University’s Newman Center, and you will most likely find the lobby to be scattered with  music students; Some taking a quick break to chat with friends before heading to the next rehearsal, and many, speed walking to their next class, toting cases that hold trumpets and saxophones, among other instruments. With dreams of composing modern opera, and possibly scores for Pixar movies, following in the footsteps of Michael Giacchino, 22 year-old John Jones, a junior at DU, battles the grueling time and schedule demands that most music students at the Lamont School of Music have become accustom to. Continue reading