Rebecca Blaettner

Rebecca Blaettner

Rebecca Blaettner is currently enrolled as an exchange student in the Media Film and Journalism Studies program at the University of Denver.

Zumba – the fun way to work out

Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that has become increasingly popular in the last couple of years due to the fact that Zumba is not your typical work out but rather an hour of dancing and having fun. As the music and dances might be different every time to keep it interesting, the choreography is very repetitive and easy to pick up.

The Coors Fitness Center at DU offers Zumba group fitness classes twice a week. Tuesdays and Wednesdays for an hour at a time, Zumba instructor Taryn lets DU students shake their hips, sweat and relieving stress.

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How international students integrate themselves at DU

Moritz Lerzer (left) skiing in the Colorado mountains with other international students.

Studying abroad is sure to be a life-changing experience for many. It is the optimal way to learn a new language, provides the opportunity to travel, allows you to get to know another culture first-hand, helps you expand your worldview while meeting people from all over the world and helps you to learn more about yourself.

However, the international student experience is affected by two main issues students have to deal with: culture shock and the lack of integration with domestic students and the university community.

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School, work and social life – A triple burden

With my slideshow I tried to illustrate the topic of working students on the DU campus and how they handle the triple burden of work, school and social life.
Though I mixed photos of the DU campus and its facilities with photos of my three interview partners for the first issue story, I primarily tried to capture the three students being busy with work, doing homework and engaging in social activities. The latter however was not very successful as I didn’t have the opportunity to follow them around a lot in their free time.

DU students working their way through college

College freshman Adriana Vega at her on-campus job at the Office of Academic Assessment.

A college education is one of the best investments of a lifetime.  However, as the financial burden of college tuition is significant and rising, working has become a necessity for many students in higher education today.

But the extent of working while in college raises important questions. In particular, what is the overall effect of work? Does it have a beneficial effect in the long run by building discipline and a strong work ethic in students, or does it have a negative effect by diverting students’ efforts from schoolwork?

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