Rhianna Dow

Rhianna Dow

Rhianna Dow is a sophomore majoring in journalism and minoring in urban studies and sociology at the University of Denver. After graduating she'd like to work for non-profit organizations, possibly in the public relations department. But for now, she works at a local pizza place in Denver.

University of Denver music students strive to make it in their industry

By Rhianna Dow and Gigi Sukin

The University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music provides a dynamic music experience for students to learn both the fundamentals and details necessary to pursue careers in the music industry. It allows for students to learn the fundamentals of music and promotes its students so that they can practically apply what they learn in school to the real world.

Students have the opportunity to study while composing, producing, recording and touring with their own work and compositions.

DU’s intimate music program maintains nearly 300 undergraduate and graduate students, offering individualized attentions from faculty and staff members necessary in order for them to achieve artistically beyond the classroom.

Often students opt to play in orchestras, operas, string quartets, steel drum ensembles or jazz groups as outside projects to practically apply the skills and style learned at Lamont.

Two such students are juniors Brandon Meagher and Charlie Fitz, both majoring in jazz and commercial music performance.

Their band, Race Street Riot, started three years ago after the musicians met in an obligatory piano class their freshman year combines jazz and rock, with a groove backbone.

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College students switching from alcohol to marijuana

For my Final Cut project, I decided to interview someone about how a lot of college students are switching from alcohol consumption to marijuana. I interviewed a University of Colorado Boulder student. My interview isn’t great, it’s pretty wordy and not to the point. Unfortunately, I was not able to obtain another interview from him. I tried to get an interview with a DU student but they were hesitant to be interviewed but helped with photos.

I really struggled with picture ideas a lot with this project. The photos of weed and alcohol were easy to obtain but other ideas were hard to come up with. I have far less photos than necessary. I kind of regret not switching my topic because pictures were difficult to get. I wasn’t sure how to depict a lot of the things he was saying in a creative manner.

I used a variety of shots and tried to stay creative with my photo ideas. I used photos of weed and alcohol, obviously. I used the condoms when he mentioned safe sex. I know this isn’t my best work but I did try to create a visually pleasing slideshow to accompany the audio.

College relationships less important, especially among female students


Ulga McCollom, 20, with a guy friend.

Couples on college campuses used to be commonplace. But things have changed and fewer students are in long-term relationships.

Some say this shift has occurred because college relationships are becoming less meaningful and less desirable to students. A hookup culture is prevailing on a majority of college campuses.

According to a study done by St. Olaf University, about 75 percent of students have engaged in a hookup with someone they had known less than 24 hours.

Students can identify with this.

Emily T., 20, a finance and international relations major at Tulane University.

Hooking up is big here, I feel like it’s part of college culture,” said Emily. “I’ve hooked up with 8 guys in the last year. I don’t really do relationships. I see myself more prepared for life when I graduate, hopefully with an awesome job. But definitely not married. Relationships just aren’t important to me right now, maybe by the time I’m 30 they’ll be more meaningful to me.”

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College students have mixed feelings about life post graduation

My slideshow is a series of photos that conveys the topic of life after college and the pressures faced by students to do well academically. I wanted to convey the huge amount of time and money spent on college, so I got that photo of the books and the photo of students studying. I chose the photographs I took carefully because the topic is interesting but hard to convey in an interesting and aesthetically pleasing way. I wanted to create a creative variety of photos that told the story so it took a lot of planning for my photographs.

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College students have mixed feelings about life post-graduation

College is supposed to be the key to success, right? It’s supposed to make students attractive to employers by providing with the necessary tools for their future career. It used to be that if students graduated from college, they were guaranteed a job post-graduation. No questions asked. The job market is tough and students are struggling. Now, things are different.

It’s highly debated whether particular majors or programs of study leave students better off after graduation. Three students from a range of majors have conflicting views on life following graduation. Some see a bright future and others are skeptical about the job market and the education they are receiving.

 Deanna Metropoulos, 20, is a criminology and sociology major at the University of Denver. She is incredibly nervous about the future.

 “The job market right now sucks. You have to have connections and graduate from a good school with a good GPA to be successful. I dont really feel like my education is preparing me, its mostly just helping understand concepts. In the real world, people aren’t going to be asking me questions like they do in school. The only good job I’ll be able to get is with the CIA or FBI  and how likely is that? I’m nervous for the future.”

 A study done recently by Price Waterhouse and Coopers claims that 85% of post-graduation professionalsuccess is attributed to people skills and only 15%  to the actual technical skills colleges insist are necessary for the job market. Some colleges realize this trend and are lending help to students with skills like networking while in college and the perfect interview technique.

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