Ryan Harter

Ryan Harter

Senior (of sorts) from Louisiana. Wake Forest transfer. Philosophy and journalism double-major. I watch movies and read books.

Binging without purging: students consider the ramifications of their instant streaming habits

DU student in Anderson Academic Commons squanders his time

DU student squanders time in Anderson Academic Commons 

It’s 4:00 p.m. on a Friday and Russell Anderson, a first year psychology graduate student at the University of Denver, sits on his bed, with a computer on his lap. As he settles into the comfort of his apartment, he reflects on his workload for the weekend: a neuroscience exam on Monday and several hours of assigned reading. Overall, Anderson feels certain he can manage with time to spare for visits to the gym and a party with his friends.

By Monday morning, however, Anderson has done none of this. The entire weekend has slipped away, into a black hole. Amnesia? A drinking binge? No. Continue reading