Robyn Wise

Robyn Wise

Robyn is a junior at the University of Denver. She is working towards her major in journalism with a minor in art history. She hopes to one day combine her love for fashion with her passion for writing in order to achieve her dream as being the editor of a major fashion magazine.

DU students mourn loss of beloved campus celebrity, Yakov Neyman

The crosswalk at Asbury Avenue seems an empty place these days. Yakov Neyman, the cheerful and friendly hotdog vendor who dedicatedly served nearly a decade of DU Pioneers passed away in October 2012.

News of his passing reached the DU community in January 2013. The student body responded with an outpouring of sentiment and gratitude for the man who had become a loveable fixture on campus. Students reflected on their best memories of Yakov, and what he meant to the DU community. Continue reading

DU students navigate relationships while balancing other responsibilities

Students at the University of Denver are at all different stages of life when it comes to their relationship statuses. Some students deviate the traditional societal norms and are starting to tie the knot while they are still working towards their college degree. Others stick to the standard college experience and have different priorities during their time at DU.  Continue reading

A Day in the Life of the Lambda House Mom at the University of Denver

For my audio slideshow, I interviewed Jane Bryce, the house mom of University of Denver fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha. This interview began as a day in the life of Jane, but quickly transitioned into more of an overall profile of her job responsibilities and experiences in her current position, as well on some background on how she acquired this job. My interview went very smoothly; she answered each question with a detailed description and formulated well-articulated responses. I had a bit of trouble offering non-verbal encouragement, as my natural instinct is to say my agreement or interest rather than simply nodding and smiling, but for the most part I was able to edit out my own interruptions and combine her responses in a way that made sense and flowed. Continue reading

University of Denver students dress for success to exercise self-expression

For this slideshow, I wanted to discuss the necessity of dress code—or lack thereof—in the University setting. I am interested in fashion and wanted to apply the topic in a way relevant to the University of Denver. Through these photos, I explain the importance of dressing professionally in the classroom, as well as what is appropriate in the college environment, vs. the desire of students to express themselves and dress in whatever they feel suits them. I interviewed both teachers and students in order to get a broad range of responses and create an unbiased view on the topic. Continue reading

University of Denver students dress for success to exercise self-expression


University of Denver students expose some skin to soak up the sun and take advantage of unusually warm temperatures on a mild winter day.

University of Denver students are dressing for the occasion as a typical winter of bipolar Colorado weather endures.

From a low of 5 degrees Fahrenheit to a high the next week of 64 degrees Fahrenheit, students must prepare themselves for every possible scenario. Students go from bundling up in their favorite pair of PJ’s on one day to pulling out their shortest shorts to take advantage of the blazing Colorado sunshine the next.

While these clothes may make sense under these ever-changing weather conditions, they may not always be entirely appropriate for the classroom environment. Continue reading