Sarah Ford

Sarah Ford

Sarah Ford is a Journalism and International Studies student at the University to Denver. A sophomore at the University of Denver, Sarah is the News Editor for the Clarion, DU's official student newspaper. She also works as a Resident Assistant and as a contributing writer for the Denver VOICE, a Denver street newspaper. In addition to journalism, Sarah's interests lie in hiking, baseball and food.

Local band fosters musical growth

Denver Arts Week hosted dozens of local musicians; but a single band, North Side Travesty, used the surrounding excitement to celebrate opening the Rocky Mountain Sound Garden.

The Rocky Mountain Sound Garden, located in Centennial Park, will be a low-cost music studio for low-income and up-and-coming musicians in the Denver area. It was created by North Side Travesty in effort to provide a reliable and simple place for developing artists, such as themselves, to practice.

The opening took place Nov 9, during the Friday celebration of Denver Arts Week, and featured a performance by the band, other upcoming artists, food and festivities for patrons.

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Students make sandwiches for needy

Creating the audio slideshow on Final Cut Pro was an exciting challenge for me, as it is the first audio project I have had the opportunity to do, and it was exciting to be working in such a new capacity. I was also excited about the topic I chose and am now glad it is what I selected, as it did serve itself very well to this presentation format. I chose to do my audio slideshow on the PB&J program put on by the campus ministry every Thursday evening and Friday morning to make and distribute sack lunches for the needy in Denver. I took photos both of the events Thursday night- when the students make the PB&J sandwiches in Nagel Hall- and the Friday morning distribution, during which students go to Civic Center Park downtown to pass out the lunches to the needy waiting for them.

I really wanted viewers to understand the impact the PB&J program has on students and those it serves. DU students are often thought of as very privileged, and I wanted to focus on those students dedicated to helping and bettering the lives of those around them. Many students who regularly participate have also said the experience has opened their minds and made them more aware of struggling and the lifestyles of the needy, and I wanted to highlight this effect as well.

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DU integrates inclusiveness on campus

In my slideshow I worked to visually display the many different forms of diversity on-campus, including those which are often forgotten when the word “diversity” is said. I also tried to show the different ways the university is working to integrate inclusiveness into everyday life on campus. All of the sources I spoke to for my issues-based story discussed the many different ways diversity can exist on a campus that are not racial or ethnic diversity, which is the form most people think of immediately upon hearing the word. The university has also discussed their initiatives to integrate Inclusive Excellence at DU into daily life instead of implementing it through big projects or programs. I tried to find examples of this integration on campus and include them in the slideshow as well. Continue reading

Diversity at DU transcends numbers

Located off of the University of Denver (DU) campus, wedged between apartment buildings and University Blvd restaurants, sits a small building entitled the “Center for Multicultural Excellence”.

The Center for Multicultural Excellence, located off of University Blvd, provides programming for students in issues of diversity and inclusive excellence, as well as student support and education.

With “diversity” included as a provision of DU’s values statement since 2002, the Center for Multicultural Excellence reflects the university’s mission to inflect a face of diversity .

Five years after the commitment to “inclusive excellence” was added as a core value of the university, staff and students have mixed assessments of how well the administration has implemented these values into DU culture.

“We have made lots of progress in eleven years,” said Dr. Nikki Latino, the head of the Diversity Action Team, which works with Student Life to embed diversity in day-to-day practice. “We have a lot more to accomplish, but we are making progress,”

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