Shannon O'Mara

Portland Oregon native who has found herself Never wanting to leave the Rocky Mountains.. Currently studying Strategic Communications and Communicational Studies at the University of Denver. Enjoys traveling the world one restaurant menu at a time.

University of Denver sorority woman defying stereotypes

I have chosen a mixture of photos. These photos are able to portray to the audience that there are multiple aspects of being a sorority woman. Philanthropy was a main focus during all three interviews. I chose to have many photos from philanthropy events as well as woman mentoring younger woman which was also a key element during the interviews. I chose to place the philanthropy photos while the audio was discussing the philanthropic efforts and how much they mean to each woman. 

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Caffeine culture on DU’s campus

How do college students start their mornings? With a big cup of coffee while reviewing a planner filled with academic and social obligations. The amount of caffeine intake on the University of Denver has become a health issue. This slideshow focuses in on the culture and the community that has developed around coffee and caffeine intake on the University of Denver’s campus.  Continue reading

College students: complicated relationship with caffeine

Latte Shot

Coffee Art has become a new trend surfacing across all Social Media platforms — Photograph by Shannon O’Mara

The University of Denver is home to Beans Coffee Shop. Beans is a student run café that is located in the middle of campus. Beans has become a happening location on campus, serving over a 100 happy caffeine consuming customers a day.

University of Denver second year, Veronica Angell has been working at Beans for about 6 months. She loves her job because she is a part of something successful that people on campus love and support constantly.

One of the people that Angell serves is University of Denver, third year accounting major, Courtney Smith. Because of the vigorous expectations for accounting majors, Smith spends long hours awake in the library studying every element that is necessary for the accounting core. These long hours in the library cause Smith to rely on caffeine to function each and everyday. Continue reading