Sophie Hoad is a journalistic genius disguised as a sorority girl with a 6th grade reading level. She enjoys yoga, cooking, eating, and traveling. She is known for quoting movies with great expertise and impersonating individuals with ease. She currently works as a PR intern at the Denver Art Museum, but when they eventually fire her, she plans to open her own pet store and bake a lot of cupcakes.

College Yogis Find Balance

My Final Cut Pro Slideshow Video interviews three college girls at DU who regularly practice yoga. All three talk individually about how they became interested in the physical activity and how it benefits them both physically and mentally. I tried to capture a lot of photographs both of the practice and of things having to do with yoga, such as the studio location, the studio key card, and mala prayer beads often used in yoga. Because my video has a very relaxed tone, I tried to keep the images at a slow pace to match the music. The music I found on creative commons very much suits the mood of the video, and I enjoyed editing it along with the interview audio and images.

Lindsey is a very active yogi, so I got mainly action shots of her. Ainsley takes a more prayerful approach so I have meditative shots of her as well as photos of the Core Power studio that she mentions. Edie is the most holistic yogi I interviewed, incorporating aspects of her practice into her every day life. I tried to capture portraits of Edie as well as yoga shots using my DSLR, and they definitely turned out the best.


Practicing Yoga Keeps Busy DU Students Fit and Sane

Lindsey Wimberg practices yoga at home and at her local Core Power studio.

In a city as active and hip as Denver, it is no wonder that the practice of yoga has spread onto the DU campus. More and more students are participating in yoga classes both on and off campus, and reaping the benefits of this holistic practice. While many have heard of the physical practice of yoga, few realize that not only is it a mode of exercise, but a mental and spiritual quest for balance, clarity, and enlightenment.

The Path of the Yogi

“It isn’t a religion per se,” says DU sophomore Steph Winsor, a self-proclaimed yoga addict. “But you can definitely follow the path as deeply as you want, and carry yoga practicing through daily life both on and off the mat.”

Winsor started doing yoga in high school as injury preventionfor skiing. But as she practiced more and more, she became drawn to the spiritual and mental benefits of the routine.

“I never thought it would affect my life so much, but hey- now I’ve got an om tattoo on my wrist,” Winsor laughs. “The more I practice, the more I want to read about it and learn, and build my life in a fulfilling way.”

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Unpaid Internships Cost- and Benefit- DU Students

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For this slideshow, I tried to capture images of DU, places mentioned in my story, and people I interviewed. Since students work at their internships, it was difficult to actually find people working on the job- I had to stage images of my subjects working outside of their jobs and more at homes. It was difficult to get action shots about the actual subject of work and internships, so I had to think creatively to capture and find other images to illustrate my story.
On my next slideshow, I’d like to start documenting photos while I’m interviewing, as it makes it much easier to illustrate and interview in one take. I plan to take a lot more photos next time, even of the same subject, just to make sure I have a good shot. It never hurts to have too many photos to choose from, and I would like to have people in all my shots rather than having to resort to screenshots as I did with one of my slides.
But overall, I feel like this is a good slideshow for my story, as it covers a lot of details not necessarily mentioned in the story and gives visual images of daily college life surrounding the topic of unpaid internships and college credit.

Unpaid Internships Cost – And Benefit – DU Students

Junior Marielle Mohs leaves her apartment to head to her internship, paying job, and then class.

DU junior and biology major Tink James has had a few jobs.  She’s worked retail, nannied, and scooped ice cream. She’s got a 4.0 GPA, loves animals, and considers herself very outgoing. What might surprise you is that James spent her most recent summer stuffing envelopes at her internship. For free.

As many colleges work harder to adjust their curriculum to the changing business world and economy, students are finding internship credit more and more valuable to their work experience, and graduation requirements. Concurrently, as the economy dwindles, paid internships are fewer and far between.

But regardless of monetary reimbursement, college students are finding these internships indispensable.

“There’s just no real chance of you landing a solid job after college without some internship experience,” said junior journalism major Elle Mohs. “Everyone wants someone with some real world experience.”

Lindsey Wimberg, a junior international studies major agrees experience is the best way to learn.

“When you’re learning to speak a language, immersion is sometimes the most educational. I think the same thing can be said of working in your field,” she said. Continue reading