Solomon Zelenko

Journalism and International Studies Double Major Russian Minor Substitute Teacher at Open World Learning after-school program Interests: Languages, Culture, Poetry, Fitness, Music, and Education

How DU Stay in Shape?

Most students at the University of Denver keep in shape in their own terms.  Some students choose traditional exercise at the gym, while others focus on mental health and nutrition. With a number of different schedules and majors, not all students will prioritize the gym as much. Of course, this begs the question: how do less-athletic students keep up their shape?

At the University of Denver, how do different students view exercise?

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Crunch Times: Upcoming Finals Stress at DU

Ready or not, DU students are wrapping up the first quarter of 2016. Finals are around the corner, and each DU student has a personal game plan. A short time between mid-terms, however, leaves many students without space to breath. Even with much work to be done, students put their mental health first. For many, a break from the books makes the difference between an “A” and a mental breakdown. Even so, each student shows a different outlook on the situation.

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Denver’s Population: Still Safe to Drive?

For my audio slideshow, I looked at how people generally viewed driving conditions in the Denver Area. Recently, the city has experienced a population boom and I read a Denver Post report that traffic accidents are on the rise. In retrospect, my topic came to me from a close call on the road when I was heading to work. Having brainstormed many other topics, I was almost ready to throw in the towel and do another piece on swing dancing. However, I decided to venture into the background of my new co-worker. Recently, she had arrived from Miami, Florida. Ultimately, I wondered if Colorado’s road conditions were as bad as other major cities-especially given the population increase.
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Costs of Trimming: Why DU males choose to grow beards Anyway

Some will say that beards are coming back into American Culture. Whether it is for a job interview, or a first date, facial hair impacts the reputation of men–especially young adults on a college campus. At Denver University–a school emphasizing business and networking–appearance counts. With studies linking facial hair to maturity, there had to be some trend on campus. Several Students from the DU campus, as well a few students from other colleges, had a variety of perspectives to add.


Travis Mason cleans up his beard before heading out.

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