Samantha Selincourt

Samantha Selincourt

I am Samantha Selincourt and originally from the Bay Area in Northern California. I am a former dancer and soccer player. I am a double major in communication studies and media studies with a minor in business. I love to travel, spend time with family and friends, listen to music and have fun. I am also a member of Delta Zeta sorority.

Transfer students at DU say transferring is not the end of the world

For my audio slideshow I wanted to focus on a certain group of people, I wanted to focus on transfer students. I chose to focus on transfer students because I think they are normally misunderstood. Many people sometimes don’t even realize that some students are transfer students but there is still this overall idea about transfer students. I wanted to discuss with my interviewees why they decided to transfer and what made them decide that they wanted to come to DU.

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Sororities at the University of Denver react to the stereotypes debate

Mfjs 2240 issue story slideshow from samanthalauren29
My article focused on the effect that stereotypes have on sororities and university campuses. In my article I wanted to show that even though there are many negative stereotypes that they are not all true. Yes, some are true and some are truer than others, there are both the negative and positives to sororities. Interviewing sorority members helped to enhance my article and give another perspective on how sorority members think of stereotypes. Also by using a New York Times article about hazing and getting first hand reactions from sorority members is something that can show that Greek life at every campus is not the same. In my slideshow I wanted to show these aspects and let the audience decide for themselves whether they believed it was a positive or negative aspect.

The effect of sororities and stereotypes on college students and their campuses

The sophomore class of Delta Zeta gather to take a photo to remember times with their sisters.

Greek life on university campuses can carry different meanings depending on who you ask. It is not only dependent on whom you ask but also what university campus you are looking at.

University greek life varies greatly depending upon the campus and its location.

Many universities in the south, for example, are known for being very intense and over the top. These are the types of things that bring stereotypes to sororities.

What is a sorority?
A sorority is defined in the dictionary as a social club or society for university woman. Though many sorority members would define it differently and say that it is more than the definition.

“It’s hard to understand sorority life looking from the outside in,” said Gaia Altshuler, a sophomore at the University of Denver, “Overall sorority life has given me the opportunity to be a better women.”

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