Taylor Cedarholm

Taylor Cedarholm

My name is Taylor Cedarholm and I am originally from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I am currently a junior at the University of Denver majoring in Media Studies with a minor in Spanish. I greatly enjoy any type of outdoor activity whether it be skiing or hiking. I am still somewhat unsure of my plans for the future but I hope to have a successful job and enjoy what I will be doing.

Students struggle with parking availability around campus

For my final cut slideshow I decided to go along with the same topic from my issue story #2 regarding parking issues around DU’s campus. I really enjoyed writing about this topic and I figured I would be able to take a variety of different photos to go along with my story. I conducted my interview with the parking manager at DU for my issue story so I already had an interview for the slideshow, which really helped out the process a lot. For my photos I went through my issue story and wrote down certain photos that I thought would go along with the story very nicely.

I really enjoyed working with this project, I thought it was very interesting to watch my issue story come to life through photos and audio. I did have some issues choosing what dialogue i wanted to use and how I should in corporate some of the photos that I took, but overall it was a pretty smooth process. I also thought it was a simple way to get more experience with final cut pro before we have to conduct our video projects.

Dude, where’s my car?

The immediate three-block radius of the campus periphery has been designated a restricted parking area by the City of Denver

 Many students at the University of Denver find campus parking frustrating. The one-hour parking zones surrounding campus and the expensive costs for permits make it difficult for students to find a place to park their cars.

There are several parking garages and paid hourly parking available for students, yet the majority of students

live off campus and do not purchase parking passes, and occasionally use their cars to drive to class.

Claire Buchta, a junior at DU, voiced her opinion regarding parking around campus, “it sucks, I think the tickets should be ten dollars maximum and I think parking on campus should be more affordable in general.”

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Romantic relationships among college students

Relationships among college students

I chose to write my story on romantic relationships among college students. I focused on a few couples, two of which go to DU and another couple whom attend the University of Wyoming. The basis for this slideshow was basically to see the ways in which romantic relationships may affect the average students life during college. There are many different aspects to college that are hard to get a hold of and I feel as though this is a huge part of many college students lives.

Through this slideshow I decided to add pictures of not only the couples that I interviewed, but also other photos that I thought related to this topic. For example, I went to Washington Park and took pictures of nature and people in a natural setting. I thought this would be an appropriate place because a majority of DU students spend their free time in places such as this around campus and it is a good place to photograph people with a nice setting around them. I also tried to incorporate photos of students and close ups of people because I thought that relates to the topic of love which was a theme in the story.

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The ups and downs of romantic relationships among college students

Amber and Brett enjoy each other's company

There is much more to college life than academics. The average student is usually juggling school, a social life, a job, and possibly a romantic relationship on a daily basis. Many students at the University of Denver are experiencing the struggles and also perks that all of the different aspects of college life are throwing their way.

It can be very difficult to move away from the familiarity of your hometown, to a place where everyone is seen as a stranger. Some students have a tendency to fall quickly into relationships the second they enter college; and it can be very easy to get caught up in lust rather than love.

One particular romantic relationship, which bloomed on the campus of the University of Denver, is between 21-year-old Amber and her boyfriend Brett. They met in their very first class of their freshman year and have been together ever since. They are now juniors and their relationship is going strong. So, what’s the secret?

Amber found that, “having someone who understands me and someone that I can rely on has made this year far easier”.

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