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AfterLive Media


AfterLive media is a startup of DU 4th year student Hunter Saillen. The concept revovles around a community sharing photos and videos of concerts they’ve attended so people can always relive their favorite moments. Almost like watching the highlights of your favorite sport. Through the use of super hi tech, hi def camera’s they aim to give an awesomely detailed and beautiful account of all the shows they attend.

I went along with Hunter to a concert at Red Rocks to experience his work first hand and my admit I cheated and used his 360 camera to get some of the amazing shots from the slideshow. The shoot and concert were truly a unique and sublime experience but the hard work really showed the next day when they produced and edited all the content for the site.

DU strives for inclusive excellence in trying political climate

Denver- In a trying time in American politics the University of Denver wants to open its arms and respect students of all different backgrounds. In a year that has been rough for many minorities, indigenous peoples, and immigrants due to a multitude of political events such as the travel ban and standing rock DU has decided to continue share their values of acceptance. Early this May DU’s Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management held a dinner celebrating the traditional foods of Native Americans. All were invited as the graduate culinary students of the hospitality school prepared an amazing array of dishes distinguished from tribes throughout America. Continue reading

DU’s rising tuition and spending

Denver- The University of Denver has once again decided to raise tuition for undergraduate attendance. This will be the second time for many students that will will once again have to fork over more cash to enroll next year. With new big expenditures in the works students are feeling more and more constrained by growing cost of attending school at this prestigious university.

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The ups and downs of a Colorado spring

DU students petition for tuition “lock-in”


DENVER- The University of Denver has quickly become one of the most expensive higher education institutions in the United States. In 2015 it was the 144th most expensive college/university in the country to attend and at the time tuition was only $56,077. For the 2017-2018 academic year total cost of attendance, as estimated by the Office of Financial Aid, will be $62,345.

A petition has been started by a student Alex Becht to have a 4-year tuition guarantee. While Alex was unavailable for comment the words on his petition paint a good picture of his cause, “college tuition rates rise an average of 3 percent per year, in comparison to the average income rising at only 0.4 percent per year. Mea Continue reading