Will Moss

Will is a senior at the University of Denver, majoring in Media Studies while double minoring in both Psychology and Marketing. Through his positions as a student intern he gained experience in research, public speaking, and working successfully with teams. In his last year at DU, he looks forward to working on skills in tech marketing and sales.

Intramural Sports Profile: Jack Roberts

I chose to focus mainly on action shots for my Intramural Sports profile on Jack Roberts. I felt that because the interview’s focus was on athletics, it was best to show my subject in action. Specifically, I ordered the slides so that the audio would best match the picture on the screen. For example, when Jack discusses playing basketball, football, soccer, and broomball, I made it so the pictures I had of those subjects aligned with the interviewees words. For my slideshow, I did not use a ton of text because I thought what Jack was saying made clear sense and that text might distract the audience from the action shots I included. However, using text for an introduction and end was necessary to inform the audience what the subject was about. Jack did a great job of describing his experience and I felt that the audio flowed well enough so that I did not need to include as much context in middle of the slideshow.

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Spring in Denver

DU says no to divestment of fossil fuels

The purpose of the slideshow is to inform the audience about the efforts of Divest DU and the response of the school administration. The slideshow depicts the difficult process and relationship between the members of Divest DU and the administration. I chose to take photographs of scenic spots around DU both with and without student subjects. Additionally, I made an effort to match quotes with photos that visually would create a similar response. Another goal of mine was to alternate photos based on conflicting statements in order to show the struggle between both parties. If I had to do anything differently, I would include more human subjects and focus on events that Divest DU holds. Unfortunately, the organization was not holding public events during this project but I would have loved to include a picture of organization members protesting.
My slideshow links up to my written Issue Story in the order it was written. I enjoyed doing this story because as I went along I learned more about the movement and efforts of the community to make a change in our institution. Furthermore, I feel that the pictures line up well with the statements and feel of my story. Lastly, I definitely see the issue more accurately and understand the position of both parties.

DU Administration and the Board of Trustees say no to divestment in fossil fuels

On January 24th, 2017, University of Denver Chancellor Rebecca Chopp and the Board of Trustees announced that they will not divest from fossil fuels as a way to fight climate change. The Divest DU movement, which started about three years ago, used public rallies, social media campaigns, and on-school events to put pressure on the administration and investor to make a positive move to divest.

Specifically, the organization states that, “University of Denver students, faculty, and alumni have been demanding that our institution align its investment practices with its mission to be a “great private University dedicated to the public good.”

The organization believes that it’s immoral for the school to be priding itself in environmental sustainability while “it profits from climate change destruction,” the page states.

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