DU value art?


The University of Denver offers various major and minors in studio art, art history, emerging digital practices and so on though its School of Art & Art History. The University also has a student gallery, ceramics studio, painting and drawing studios, a darkroom, and a photo lab so that students can pursue their various artistic interests and goals. At a time when the arts are being defunded nationally it is important to consider what the value is of taking art, teaching art, and having art on campuses across the country. 

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Writing opportunities for DU students

By Taylor Sienkiewicz and Daniela Santos.

The University of Denver (DU) holds various majors that tailor to prospective writer’s aspirations. For example, students are able to focus on their creative writing by majoring in english while fact-based analytical writers can major in journalism. Other writing practices can include business writing, short memos, long-form theses, etc. Nonetheless, no matter what the style is that pertains to the prospective writer, having a platform to publish their own work is important to polish one’s skills and continue sharing one’s stories. Continue reading

Students speak out on gender

DENVER- It has long been a taboo to talk about issues and biases surrounding gender and here at DU is no exception. For many years there has been a negative almost dismissive stereotyping of gender rights especially surrounding feminism which is often greeted by older generations with an eye roll.

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DU students frustrated over registration system

Registering for classes is a stressful time for students here at the University of Denver, and also for students on campuses across the country. The majority of students worry about being able to take certain classes that they need. Registration at the University of Denver is completely online. Students lookup classes or enter course number online in order to register, which can all be found on the University’s website pioneer web. Because the system is completely online, there are often frustrations and difficultly for students to create the schedules they want  and or need.

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The Invictus Initiative works to build love globally

My audio/visual story represents Madison Davis and the Invictus Initiative’s strive for volunteering and the creation of a better community globally. My photo project represents how the Invictus Initiative works to fundraise for their trips and what volunteering means to them.

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Japanese culture thrives at DU

The Japanese Bunka Kai Culture and Language Club is one of the many culture-based organizations on campus. Through my slideshow, I aimed to show how the club began from the pure passion of students, as well as how student effort made it become official in the last few years. Additionally, I aimed to show how the club gets involved on campus, as well as how it contributes to DU’s inclusive excellence through promoting Japanese culture.

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MFJS building

In this video I interviewed Mikaela, a junior at the University of Denver. She spoke about her favorite and least favorite things about the MFJS building.

Journalism dying or transforming?

There is a common idea that journalism is dying; newspapers are read less, journalists are finding it more difficult to find careers in traditional journalism, and newspaper industries are running out of business. In the slideshow, I discuss facts and ideas that have cultivated the belief of the death of journalism, and use photos to describe the journalism industry as well as the attitudes of DU students about such a belief. I incorporate quotes and thoughts from the interviewed DU students, whether they are journalism majors or not, to understand how the generation that will be the world’s next career-seekers feel about their futures post-graduation.

The slideshow also discusses the declination of enrollment in the journalism field within universities. Contrast from the article, where I only explain the turmoil of journalism as a career, the slideshow includes a perspective of the journalism hardships in education as well. This allows viewers to understand the scope of what people involved in journalism are challenged with, whereas the article restricts readers to only considering life after college.

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Student filmmakers dedicate time and creativity to short film production

Chloe Barrett

Hayley Posner

Jillian Queri

As a student filmmaker in the University of Denver’s school of Media, Film and Journalism Studies (MFJS), creating a successful and well-produced film is not as easy as one might think.

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